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Recreation "Sun City"

Right on the shore of the Sea of Azov, in Kyrylivka, located recreation "Sun City". The recreation center "Solar City" there are two single-storey cottage with a capacity of 8 comfortable rooms. Each of the rooms, which can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. Each room is necessary for leisure furniture, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, shower. All rooms have separate exits totaling veranda equipped with tables and benches. On site there is a summer shower and sinks.

Guests can dine in the cafe recreation or to visit one of the nearby cafes.

On leaving the base is a beach. All guests enjoy all that is famous for staying in Kyrylivka Fedotov Spit - lots of fun, swimming in clean waters, golden tan and getting that will make your holiday fun and exciting.

Near each cottage provides space for parking lots, parking free.

Near recreation are Waterpark, cafes, shops and markets.

Be sure to say that you call from

Fedotov Spit
+38 (063) 364-70-73

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Илона 30-07-2017 15:56:43

Самая грязная и вонючая база в Кириловке.Комнаты грязные постели ужасные, подушки черные блины,на которых невозможно спать. Комната 2х2 метра негде повернуться. Туалет дырка в бетоне. Позже оказалось что рядом есть более приличный но от него ключ надо искать непонятно где. Душ который от солнца вонючий канализация забита Вода стоит. Горячий 25 гривен. Прибыли здесь сутки и уехали. Здесь было невозможно находиться. Хотя домик назывался полу люкс.

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