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Children's Camp "Salute"

Children's "Salute" Camp - this is a unique island of childhood and dreams, is a great place in the Kirillovka , where the child can be interesting, fun and to spend their summer vacation. Summer, sea, fresh air, good mood and a lot of positive emotions - all this provides an unforgettable vacation during the summer holidays, and a boost of energy and health for your child.

Private spacious beach "Salute" children's camp is equipped with sunshades and sun cabanas, as well as medical and rescue station. At the entrance to the beach is a summer shower. Territory health complex is well landscaped, planted with trees and flowers.

Location: for a comfortable stay of children are 2-storey brick buildings with 4 and 5-bed rooms. Each unit on the floor has a game room, where you can spend your free time and watch TV. Parents have a great opportunity to relax together with your child on the territory of children's camp, for that private rooms are provided.

Meals: in the children's camp "Salute" is organized for children 5 meals a day. The dining area seats up to 300 people. power distribution line works according to the "buffet". With this system you can significantly expand the range of dishes, and to diversify the menu, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish as well as dairy products.

Activities: on site there are many playgrounds, where children can actively spend time and take part in various competitions and sports games. Football, basketball, volleyball court, table tennis tables, horizontal bars and parallel bars, the Swedish ladder. During the classes the children watching experienced instructors.

Healthcare: the medical unit has all the necessary medical equipment and medicines, to provide first aid and emergency.

Activities: Experienced counselors and teachers fill children's activities throughout the day fun mobile games, competitions and various competitions. Every night is an exciting evening program with numerous competitions and musical performances, in which the children actively involved. Numerous clubs also work, such as "crazy hands", a circle singing and choreography, modeling agency, there is also a library and a cinema.

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