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Kirillovka base recreation

Forum Rules

General Rules.

  1. Messages in forum can be anyone. No registration is required. Anyone can go to our forum and chat without restrictions.
  2. Behave culturally, do not insult companions.
  3. Before you send a message with a question or a suggestion, try to find out if someone asked a similar question to you - often the answer is already there.
  4. Do not write the same message.
  5. The forum prohibited any advertising.
  6. Moderator operates completely on your own - in the framework of the rules.
  7. Administration is not responsible for the content of material posted on this forum.

How to delete messages.

  1. Deleted messages that promote nationalism, racial supremacy, separatism, profanity, etc.
  2. Deleted messages that make no sense, do not relate to the topic.
  3. Not add messages that contain any of the links to the sites (because of the large amounts of spam.)
  4. Remove messages that include open advertising agencies - phones, email, and so on.


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