Things to do in Kyrylivka

Things to do in Kyrylivka


"Aquarium" in Kyrylivka. There are a variety of Denizens of the Deep. You can see the fish: the inhabitants of tropical seas of the coral reefs of the Amazon River, from various distant corners of the planet. Presented fauna of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea.

Mirror Maze

Mirror Maze is an exciting fun ride, which consists of the tricky mirror corridors, after several clashes with whom - creates a unique feeling that there is no way forward, and the road back has disappeared, only around seen reflected.


Windsurfing School invites you not only learn how to ride, but also to relax. For those who know how to ride prokat.Obuchenie works carried out on the estuary. Catania possible to more.Nezabyvaemye feeling waiting for you after the first attempt to stand up under sail. Experienced instructors will help you master this science very quickly. And then you just rushing through the waves, catch the wind. At the recreation you can stay in cabins, or you will be given a place to pitch a tent. At the base is a cafe. The base is located 10 meters from the morya.A evenings we spend openair party with groovy music and dancing under the moon. If you ever visit us, you will want to feel again the power of the wind speed thrill and freedom of parties.


no secret that for the strong half of fishing is fun, improves the condition of the human soul, giving peace of mind. Fans of this type of holiday where there are fish in the Kyrylivka. The Sea of Azov is considered the fish sea in the world. Here you can go fishing and catch the bait simple Azov bull and a huge pelengasa.

Luna Park

All parents love child known to the attractions. Every kid wants to ride on the carousel favorite. "Luna Park" is always open to young visitors and their parents. Here are collected all sorts of attractions and entertainment for all tastes. Family Vacation - it's a place where you can relax with your family. For each member of the family there in the entertainment center. Squeals of delight, waves of adrenaline, the cycle of the world, crazy ups and downs speed ... and again, and again! Luna Park - like a personal time machine - can any adult back to childhood (in a good way). Would you like to visit the mall in Kyrylivka where you can relax and have fun children's and family leisure and get a lot of impressions. Then the "Adrenalinshou" the best choice for you and your loved ones!


Dolphinarium "Oscar" in Kyrylivka opened in 2011. This is the biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine has a pool size 30h18 meters and a depth of 5 meters. At the height of the season holds presentation of trained dolphins and sea lions. Amazing stunts and rooms with dolphins show for children and adults. For all who want a chance to swim in the pool with the dolphins, and get a beautiful photograph.

Water Park

Waterpark "Treasure Island" the biggest in Ukraine began work in 2010. His area of 5.7 hectares. Holds 1.5 thousand people. 34 attractions for children and 28 rides for adults. Kirillov water park is divided into adult and children's area, as well as a zone of quiet relaxation. On the territory of "Treasure Island" are a cafeteria, lounge chairs.


Nightclubs work all night and you can have a great time, dance or have fun with friends. Nightclubs are located on spits and Kyrylivka. This is a favorite place of youth.

"Aquadance" is located in Treasure Island Water Park in Kyrylivka. "Aquadance" - one of the epicenters of the club culture, the motor current trends and tendencies of modern nightlife. The policy of the club allows domestic and foreign clubbers most of the summer partying with superstars. Beautiful girls, night swimming pools and fiery cocktails - gives you "Aquadance".

Nightclub RIO was opened in 2006. Since the opening of the present day night club "RIO" is one of the first places in the Azov Sea coast. You can say more, in recent years the club has confidently taken a leadership position across Kyrylivka. It is a modern and progressive nightclub current dance music - extremely pleasant atmosphere.

"Galaxy" Nightclub "Galaxy" - a place to enjoy leisure activities - dance, positive mood - and successful entertainment center energetic people who value their free time.

Cyril whip

Kyrylivka actively developing and expanding its sphere of entertainment and never ceases to amaze tourists. Now vacationers can go Equestrian theater «Cyril whip».

Equestrian Circus appeared in village Kyrylivka recently. Since joining the equestrian circus "Cyril Sich" won the sympathy of holidaymakers. The basis of presentation is an ancient circus art, based on a demonstration of riding and acrobatic tricks with horses.

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