Rest with children on the sea in Kirillovka

Holidays with children at sea

Family trip to Kirillovka is more than a weekend with children and parents. Psychologists compare this trip to the sea with therapy. Far from the usual way of life, nothing will interfere with paying more attention to each other, discussing problems, and finally admit to love.

We made up a selection of places where to live with a child on the Azov Sea, have fun and relax with comfort.

Recreation at sea with children with benefit

Protracted winter strengthens immunity is not conducive. And in many ways, how less often the child will be ill during the cold season, depends on the choice of location for summer holidays. The best place for improving children is the coast of the Azov Sea.

In Kirillovka the cleanest territory on the entire Azov coast. Here there is no industry, but only safe sandy beaches. The resort of Kirillovka is located in the usual climatic zone for the Ukrainians, so there is no need for acclimatization.

In order to start a "recovery", parents do not have to perform "feats." The sea, sand and air will do everything themselves:

  • Warm sand will warm, gently massage the skin - biochemical processes are activated, the speed of metabolic processes will increase. While walking barefoot, every point on the foot will receive a natural massage that will develop a foot, improve posture, strengthen muscles, harden.
  • Moist air, saturated with microelements, even with passive rest and while sleeping with an open window, will be useful for children who in autumn and winter were overcome by bronchial asthma, bronchitis, cold.
  • Active games and swimming in the sea are the best means for maintaining health. The correct posture, the rhythm of breathing are formed in children, all muscles of the body come into tonus, the lung volume increases, stamina increases.

Two weeks, ten days spent at the recreation center in Kirillovka more than compensate the child for the lack of "sunny" vitamin D. Overdosing does not happen if you do not allow sunburn, do not forget to use a sun protection cream and refrain from going to the beach with 11 to 16 hours. If you do not want to leave the sea for a second, then in the midday heat, you must hide under an umbrella or canopy.

Rest with children on the sea in Kirillovka

Where to live with children at sea?

If in your plans for the summer: the sea, the sun and sand, but with housing you have not yet decided, take a look at the family recreation centers in Kirillovka. The pleasure to live on the shore of the warm Azov Sea will cost you a little money, you can book a room through our website.

During the holiday season, prices do not soar above the stars and it is comfortable with children to settle on Spit Peresyp, in center of Kirillovka or in the most remote area of the resort - Stepk or Biryuchiy Island. To rest on Fedotova Spit, where all the youth parties and entertainment facilities are concentrated. Get to the water park, Dolphinarium or amusement park is convenient with any spit.

Rest with children dolphinarium "Oscar"

√ Fedotova Kosa

On the recommendation of your friends, you decided to have a rest with the children in Kirillovka on Fedotova Spit? Then you will not really have time to miss! The resort, with the warmest sea and clean sand, lives an active life: at the beginning of the spit there are an aquapark and a dolphinarium, which in their dimensions and technical characteristics are not equal in the country.

Each recreation center listed below offers a full range of services for a good rest with children:

Scarlet Sails

Water area

Water World


√ Kosa Peresyp

One of the most right places to be with a child this summer is Kosa Peresyp Kirillovka. Here, a lot of recreation centers are concentrated, both old and new. There is something to choose from: you can rent a family room with amenities and three meals a day, or live in a separate building and cook yourself.

The most popular recreation centers:




√ Stepok

This is where you can often see family idylls under the gentle sun. No lessons, always hurrying parents and small household quarrels. Only the sound of the surf, the warm sand under your feet and the blue sky without clouds. In Stepka, the quietest area of Kirillovka, the beaches are not crowded, the sea is cleaner, and a children's holiday can always be arranged without leaving the recreation center.

Among the good places can be identified:

Azov Seashore

Quiet Harbor

Coral Island

√ Biryuchiy Island

The rest base must meet certain criteria, which each defines itself.

Hotel takiDAbay

Where to stay with children: in a private sector or hotel?

In the minds of many Ukrainians, hotels are almost inaccessible direction of the Azov resort. There are different reasons: many believe that hotel rooms are too expensive compared to rooms in the private sector. These representations do not apply to hotels in Kirillovka, aimed at families with children. At the same time, the price can already include:

- access to a separate clean beach
- children's playgrounds
- swimming pool with clear water
- beautiful terraces
- individual kitchens;
- free parking;
- gazebo with barbecue.

Tip! To save money, plan a trip to the sea not in high season (July-August), but at the end of May or June. In addition, many hotels in Kirillovka provide good discounts for long-term accommodation. That is, it is more profitable to go with children to rest not for seven days, but at least for two weeks.

The main criteria for choosing housing with children in Kirillovka

a) availability of all amenities in the room;
b) cleanliness and regular wet cleanings;
c) the opportunity to prepare food for the child independently (if it is a babe or a baby that requires special diet);
d) laundry;
e) a beach with a gentle descent to the sea, with a working medical station and rescuers.

Vacation on the sea, in which no one gets bored

In Kirillovka it is easy to organize a holiday so that it is equally popular with adults and children alike. Here it is possible to relax as much as possible and try a new one, from entertainment on the water and ending with fish dishes.

In addition to beach recreation with a lot of entertainment (scooters, bananas, slides, trampolines, etc.), the Ukrainian resort offers walks along the embankment with endless stops for ice cream. Most of the coastal cafes and restaurants are equipped with children's "rooms" in the open air.

After the sea with the children you can go to the "Treasure Island" - the largest water park in Ukraine. On the territory of the complex there are more than 30 water attractions, most of which are children's attractions. Favorite place for kids is a huge pirate ship with slides.

In the center of Kirillovka (near the club), a new playground was opened, another good place for the entertainment of the child.

There is a variety of summer holidays in the dolphinarium "Oscar". Spectator stands are located in the shade, which makes viewing views comfortable even in the midday heat.

Rest with children water park "Treasure Island"

What to take to the sea with a child?

So, the route is planned, the hotel is booked - you can go on the road. What to take to the sea with young children. The list is small (you can always buy the necessary in the shops of the center of Kirillovka).

  1. Repellents for children.
    It is possible to effectively protect yourself from mosquitoes in Kirillovka, which lies between Utluk and Milk Estuary, using repellents at dawn and dusk - the time when insects are most active.
  2. First aid kit
    Antipyretic, antihistamines, oral rehydration products, dressings may be needed on the road or quiet areas of the resort. Most pharmacies are located in the center.
  3. Baby food, bottled water, hygiene products, comfortable clothes

And do not forget the camera! After the holiday in Kirillovka hundreds of full impressions of the pictures will remain in memory!