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The children's camp "Ogonek"
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The children's camp "Ogonek"

Children's camp «Ogonek» located in the Kirillovka on Spit Peresyp, on the shore of the Azov Sea .Ogonёk is - individual approach to each child; comfortable housing to the sea; a large cinema room, dining room, sports facilities: volleyball, football, athletic, table tennis. Show programs, sports competitions, contests, disco and movies on the big screen, relax around the campfire, meeting dawn on the beach; new friends, gifts and surprises, and much, much more ...

Location: children live in three 3-storey buildings capital. Rooms are designed for 5 people, have spacious balconies overlooking the sea. On each floor is living on one unit. Floors and children's room locked, which is the teachers group. For storage is allocated to each child in the closet and nightstand. Wet cleaning of rooms and bathrooms on the floors is carried out three times a day.

Meals: 5 meals a day in the big cozy dining room is organized for children up to 450 seats. Excellent balanced diet, on the tables of children there are always fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activities: your children are waiting for entertainment, sporting events, contests, disco and movies on the big screen, relax around the campfire, meeting dawn on the beach, meeting new friends, gifts and surprises, and much, much more. On-site medical center with all the necessary medical equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Services and infrastructure: within the camp Olympics competitions involving all interested children. The best teams are awarded with diplomas and prize camps. User-friendly climate that prevails in the team contributes to the creative development of children rest in our camp. Creative development occurs through the participation of children in the preparation and conduct interesting company officer and camp activities. All the children are waiting for interesting gifts and all kinds of fees.

Be sure to say that you call from

Spit Peresyp, 112
+38 (063) 052-59-27
+38 (098) 671-20-14

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Price, UAH per room (room price may vary on the site)

1 shift (17 days)June 20 - July 63170 UAH
. 2nd shift (17 days)08 July - 24 July3170 UAH
3 shifts (17 days)July 26 - August 113170 UAH