Kirillovka Spit Peresyp

Kirillovka Spit Peresyp

For the inhabitants of the continent, Rest in Kirillovka on the Spit Peresyp - it is a mystery, a fairy tale. Many are willing to at least two weeks to live on a piece of land on both sides surrounded by sea water. Then, rested, tanned and overflowing feeling of happiness to return home, where you can share admiring review of an unforgettable journey.

The choice is made - in Kyrylivka, on Spit Peresyp

Kirillovka (Spit Peresyp) - a place where recreation centers, hotels and pensions vying offer their services. After all, rest on the sea is not possible without the rental property the value of which depends on the location and range of services.

Go to the braid begin long before the "high season". If you book a house or a room in advance, and the settlement is fast. Upon arrival, get your hands on the keys and advice at the reception, the guests rush to the spacious beach or go (go on foot) for the entertainment center in the Kyrylivka. This is a relatively inexpensive and quick, given the geographical size of the entire village.

What is the surprise addition to the sea resort? At the beginning of Siltings is Luneau park and aquarium, there are nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, but by and large, entertainment industry occupies a small fraction of the main sea here. At the same time, by minibus or taxi, you can quickly get to the largest water park in Ukraine (in the Fedotova Spit), in which adults are invited to ride on a dizzying pipes, and children play in warm water on the playground - a smaller version of the water slides.

Security tourists sprinkling on top. The theft at the resort are rarely heard. Therefore, going to the beach to sunbathe, watch the performance in the local dolphins or have fun on the rides in the Luneau park, guests can not worry about personal things left on base.

Kos Siltings

Kirillovka - the recreation center on the spit Peresyp

On Spit beach has everything you need: toilets, changing rooms, lifeguard towers, clinics, small cafes and sun canopies. In the water, limiting buoys installed and placed on the beach stands with information that resembles the precautions when bathing.

Log into the sea on the gently sloping alluvial peschanorakushechnoy spit and water off the coast is always good to warm up. Therefore sunbathing especially pleasant lying right in the warm water.

In the summer on the beach you can see Siltings vacationers who frantically dug the sand near the water. The children in the neighborhood and do not have construction of sand castles they did not seem to age. What for? It becomes clear after a couple of minutes, when mixed with rounded shells and fine sand on the surface is shown healing mud. Uneven layers alternating with rakushnyaka and coastal sea sand, peresypskaya mud rich in minerals, vitamins and unique hormones that rejuvenate the skin and stop various inflammatory processes.

Peresyp: Reveal passwords and appearance of the Azov resort

Upon arrival in Kyrylivka first affects the local air with the scent of the sea and steppe grasses. Then surprising contrasts: first-class base, authentic cafes and restaurants, and near - clean sandy beaches and water to the horizon.

By driving in the search bar «Kirillovka spit spit recreation», many are not even aware that this resort is consistently the best - from the standpoint of purity sea infrastructure, more than one year. Opportunities offered to its guests Siltings silly not to take advantage of:

• settle in the room "Lux" and "Junior»;

• fish in Dairy estuary, bordering the shores of one of the braids;

• sunbathing on a private beach under an umbrella;

• delicious seafood dinner in one of the best restaurants and to taste wine;

• to complete a full course of recovery - in Peresyp contribute to this natural environment.

In Kirilovka do not need to set priorities: rehabilitation or cool vacation. Peresyp successfully combines all of these features.