Kirillovka Fedotova spit

Kirillovka Fedotova spit

The most suitable place to change the location of Ukrainian tourists called Fedotova Spit in Kirillovka . Especially if everything is about all about ten days, and really really want to relax.

Spend your vacation on Kos Fedotova!

The beach season is in full swing and the holiday is still not worked out? Then pack your bags and hurry to catch up. Especially because on Fedotova Spit quality rest can be anyone, and at attractive prices and immediately on the two banks - the warm and affectionate Utlyuksogo estuary of the Azov Sea.

How to get there?

Railway Messages in the village no. Most railway stations are neighbors in Zaporozhye and Melitopol Akimovka. They are the center of the village. Kyrylivka to get taxis and regular buses. Intercity buses are a direct route: Kharkov-Kirillovka, Kiev-Kirillovka, etc.

From the very Kyrylivka on Fedotova Spit regularly ply taxis and minibuses on Stepok. The resort area is enough to name the recreation center to the driver and he will stop exactly next to it. To get to the end of the spit - the legendary island Biruchiy have to pass the checkpoint. But after the storm, the road there, as such, is not.

Where to settle?

Summer vacation at sea is inevitable, as the seasonal shutdown of hot water. And if you want to see it passed off without a hitch, then look for the best deals on hotels, hotels and resorts do not need Fedotova Spit on many sites, and on one. With the largest selection, with no hidden fees, and all information that is objective, accurate and balanced as much as possible.

Fedotova spit out into the sea at 45 km. It is the longest on the coast of Azov, but rather narrow. Therefore, all recreation centers (even the second line) is located right next to the sea.

The farther from the center of Kirillovka, the cleaner beaches and sea water. Here, different comfort rooms offer hundreds of resorts, including well-proven "Scarlet Sails", "Water World". The latter has its own private beach, swimming pools with sea water, barbecue area and a children's playground.

Fedot offers all kinds of recreation: from the road up to a respectable family and budget. Order on arrival not face inconvenience, book case or recommend a room on the basis of advance.

What to do?

Fedotov Spit

How nice it all is when the resort is all in one place - from the hotel to the sea two steps, and water park with dolphinarium just two minutes away.

If you move a little further down the spit, you get into the realm of wide sandy beaches with no clay cliffs. In breaks from sunbathing, can lead body in shape by arranging a leisurely swim in the warm waters and deep enough for the Azov Sea. The surrounding nature, fountains UV and noise oncoming waves completely erode away all the stress.

Several ways to spend a vacation in Kirillovka on Fedotova Spit, then to the rest of the year to envy myself:

1. Arrange the sweet idleness, try the most picturesque courses and get beautiful bronze sunburn.

2. Be sure to visit the largest water park in Ukraine, swim with dolphins and ride on the Ferris wheel.

3. Entertain yourself shopping at the local market on the job iodide smell of the sea, which seems to be steeped in the resort of all.

4. With my own eyes to see how with surprising regularity land systematically and opposed elements - explore Fedotov Spit until the very end with a visit to the reserve Herald.

5. Fishing in the estuary Utlyuksky, it is to take a hot bath and walk a minimum depth of sailing on the water board.

6. Visit a local source of healing water and mud.

Fedotova Spit - a recipe for those who love Ukraine and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of its wholly .