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The children's camp "Azure Rainbow"
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The children's camp "Azure Rainbow"

Children's camp "Azure Rainbow» invites children to spend an unforgettable summer vacation on the shores of Sea of Azov in Kirillovka . The camp is located on the spit Peresyp on the beachfront, with its own sandy beach. The pension landscaped and planted with greenery.

Location: the children living in the capital of four 3-storey brick buildings. Each building has its own name: I - Antoshka, II - Young, III - Assol, IV - Edelweiss. Shells are surrounded by trees, which create a healing microclimate. The rooms are large and bright, with balconies, can accommodate 5 people. Each room has new furniture: beds, tables, cabinets


In the spacious lobby, each unit has a TV, a safety deposit box. For storage of personal belongings provided storage. Children under 10 years old stay for 8 people in the room. Facilities located on the floor (WC, hygiene rooms), showers are located on the campsite. Cold water is pumped around the clock, hot - on schedule. In all sleeping cases there are special containers with purified drinking water.

Meals: in the camp "Azure Rainbow" organized 5 times a day children meals in "the Swedish line." The peculiarity of this kind of service is that children have the right of choice of dishes without limitation. a large assortment of cold appetizers are included in the menu, first and second dishes, beverages, fruits and vegetables, dairy products. In the children's bar "Gourmand" kids can buy a variety of sweets, ice cream, soft drinks.

Medicine: the state of children's health monitored by experienced doctors who are more than one year are registered in the state of medical service "Azure Rainbow". Today, our camp is difficult to imagine without the work of a psychologist, who can at any time to help both adults and children in difficult situations.

Activities: children are waiting for interesting entertainment programs, music and dance competitions, discos, vibrant festivals, shows, theatrical performances, intellectual games. Also organize carnivals, fairs, trips to the water park "Treasure Island," Dolphinarium "Oscar" Horse theater. In addition, in the camp "Azure Rainbow" operate numerous circles of children's creativity, which allow for the development of abilities of children and their self-determination. And guys are not living in the camp with no crowd scenes and rehearsals. It's amazing and fun show, in which every child and the audience and the performer.

Much attention is paid to sports and sporting events. All sports games are held in the framework of the Small Olympic Games. A variety of championships, sports express, outdoor games, fun starts, and much more to help boys and girls to show their strength, agility and endurance. A friendly meeting with sports camps - neighbors improve sports passion, the desire to climb up, pull ahead, win. Children have time to not only improve your health, have a good rest, get a tan under the rays of the hot sun, plenty nakupatsya warm Sea of Azov, make new friends, but to become residents of the amazing Planet of Childhood "Lazurca".

Be sure to say that you call from

Spit Peresyp
+38 (06131) 69-1-37

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