Kirillovka rest on the Sea of Azov

Kirillovka rest on the Sea of Azov

Resort in the Zaporozhye region has long fascinated the Ukrainians. At Rest in Kirillovka go both whole families and large companies for the warm sea and clean beaches. It has everything to enjoy - from the spectacular nature to healthy entertainment.

Sea Kirillovka - a reason to pack your bags

When you start to plan a trip to the sea, the choice is obvious - of course, on the Spit, in Kyrylivka! On the Azov coast, surrounded by green happy timeless rules. Especially attractive Resort makes a comfortable summer: scorching heat is not the case, however, the sea water is well heated in the middle of May.

A nice feature of the city of Kirillovka is that recreation centers occupy all of the coast. Almost every hotel, a hotel or a boarding house on spits has a cozy beach, which belongs only to the guests. At the same time, you can always consider private sector Kyrylivka , as an alternative to stay and relax. Houses and rooms for rent and for a week, and on all summer.

Recreation Kirillovka: What You Need to Know ?

• Settling at the sea, you can count on all the ease of maintenance.

• The price tag depends on the location and distance of databases on the spit.

• Where ever you are, you will always find something to do. Morning can be spent, sunbathing and swimming on the beach, for lunch go to dolphinarium, go for a ride Attractions and a snack in the coastal cafe.

• Those who go to the sea for the sea, it is better to choose a base at the end of a braid, for example, in Styopka, which is in close proximity to the "Biruchiy Island" Reserve. To the right you have the basis of a lift directly from the center of Kirillovka.

Kirillovka - Recreation

Of course, for the money spent on a two-week vacation in Kirillovka, you can fly to Turkey at an average hotel. But there is a lazy vacation: eat, buy up, eat and sleep. Coast Kyrylivka such a regime - a crime. In addition to the special microclimate, after settlement on the base, open sea of possibilities for an interesting pastime.

Unfortunately, in our country there are still skeptical to Ukrainian resorts people. They are sympathetic sigh from all sides showered stern warning: "beaches packed to capacity", "waste is washed into the sea", "sand littered" and "service leaves much to be desired» .

All the horror stories just fantasize that are more like humorous sketches.

And now, just the facts:

1. Treatment facilities in the village are working in compliance with all standards and requirements. Points are reset at a distance of 4 kilometers from the coast. Every week on the beaches of sea water samples are taken, which have never in all seasons showed no deviation from the sanitary norms. The sea is clean and Kyrylivka affect the health of campers only positive!

2. Base Kyrylivka always ready for an influx of tourists and easily accommodates an armada of rest - because the village is located on the longest spit the Azov Sea, the length of 45 km

3. Times when in the houses under the surrender were spring beds, an old wardrobe, fridge rattling, and the toilet was one for the rest of the base, are long gone. Housing, which today offer guests Kyrylivka, took away from the Soviet-type level. Most of the comfortable interiors decorated in a minimalist style and ecological style. The room is new, clean sanitary, there is always hot water and Wi-fi.

Our compatriots, to travel on the world, surprised to find that the Ukrainian nature, with untouched steppe grasses, not worse overseas. And the service of the country has long been pulled to the European level. On the Rest in Kirillovka need to go with an open mind, without being told by all and a great desire to learn and experience. In this case, go on holiday great.