Kirillovka photo

Kirillovka photo

Serve the maximum number of self at sea - that's how success is measured now. At the most visited resort in Ukraine, in Kirillovka, there are all conditions for creating thousands of successful photos: the blue sea, lots of sun, well-maintained clean beaches. Make sure of this easily by browsing through our selection of summer photos.

The sea in Kirillovka does not need any staging photos, nor in photoshop. Even caught unawares in the morning haze or moonlight, in the picture the sea is always alive and unbelievable!

If on this page you did not find yourself in the photo of Kirillovka yourself, then this is easily fixable! We will be happy to post amateur photos and video, provided that the content of the photo will convey the beauty of the Azov nature and your excellent mood. Bathe, run away from the waves, bury yourself in the sand and just rest. Such unplanned photos will cause deeper emotions and will take a worthy place in the photo album of our site.

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Photo of the Kirillovka 2017

Biruchy Island

Biryuchy Island is a spit 20 km long and 5 km wide, which is located in the western part of the Azov Sea. Together with the narrow northern part of the Fedotovaya spit, the Biryuchii Island forms the Utluk estuary, protecting it from the east. Until 1929, it was separated from the northern part of the Fedotovaya spit by a narrow strait.

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