Map of Kirillovka

Map of the spit Fedotova and Peresyp

The map shows the location of recreation, from the center to the surrounding Kyrylivka braids Siltings and Fedotov.

Publication of new street names Kyrylivka

Street name to be Rename The new street name
st. Lenin Str. Soviet (home of №1 to №61, №2 along with №50), Str. Kalinin (home of №1 to №17, №2 along with №30)Avenue Azov
st. Kalinin (house of №19 on №97, №32 from around №280)st. Seafront
st. Soviet (house of №63 on №129, №52 from around №108)st. Cherry
st. Petrovskyst. Central
st. Sverdlovst. Wheat
st. Kirovst. Flower
st. Marshal Zhukovst. Cozy
st. Chapaevast. Solar

Map braid Kyrylivka, Fedotov and Siltings

Map Kyrylivka

Map Kyrylivka