How to choose accommodation in Kirillovka - Rest in Kirillovka

How to organize a holiday by the sea and choose the accommodation

Rental housing - the first question that has to decide to travelers before going to the Sea of Azov in the Kyrylivka. The fastest and most convenient method of searching for - a hotel room, a room or a house booked in advance by the description and photos through an objective in terms of supplying information site. The good run of prices and levels of hotels in the resort village allows every vacationer to find something decent and the like.

Geographical location Kyrylivka

It seems that in Kirillovka Nature has once again proved that it is - the best architect. Wide sandy beaches with gentle and smooth slopes in the Azov Sea stretched for 50 km - from Stepanovka to Biruchiy island. A series of bays and sand spits that are issued far in the open sea of warm, saline lagoons - that every summer attracts thousands of tourists and lovers of marine recreation.

In Kyrylivka Azov coast there are more than 400 lodges . Some of them are inherent in the biggest drawback of the hotel market - unjustified high cost of daily living, which goes against the level of services provided.

Try to understand:
  • In which areas of the village openly disregard the rules of hospitality?
  • Where to settle in Kirillovka to live as an expensive guest, but do not overpay?
Center Kyrylivka

Center Kyrylivka

First line in the center of Kirillovka occupied by prestigious hotels, inns, restaurants and nightclubs with sea views (in search of cheaper options go into the depths of the city).

At the heart of the tourists often stop targeting sightseeing vacation, and that was where to hang out, swim, sunbathe. Ie live in the Herald and fun ride to the center - not comme il faut at all. Another thing is to stay in a good hotel "old center" and, without departing from the beach:

  • at night to visit the coastal clubs «Rio», «Aquadance»;
  • the day - to move down from the steep hills in the largest water park in Ukraine;
  • Watch presentation evening in the dolphinarium and equestrian circus.

The beaches, crowded tourist area Kyrylivka, replete with all kinds of entertainment for every budget and hardly accommodate all the guests. For fans of noisy companies -. It is the

On that background in the center Kyrylivka make selfie and photos with your friends?

Every summer holiday village replenished the next pearl. In 2016 she became a beautiful fountain, whose jets, forming a water hemisphere, unite in flowing water column. The most spectacular photos obtained by the fountain at night, when lights colored lights. Among the other interesting guests of the resort village noted stele "Two dolphins" monument "Rybak" zoo lunapark. But the main category of tourist Kyrylivka - Ukrainians are in love with the sea. They do not feed bread - give photographed in the sunlight sparkling sea .

Spit Peresyp - Azov "bounty"

«I want beautiful, sandy beach (uncrowded, clean and close to the hotel)." "You, my friend, dreaming" - say in Odessa. In Kirillovka put in a taxi and drive to the second half of the Spit Peresyp. The sea there is a mirror, vacation - quiet, respectable, beaches - large and sandy clay without breaks, with a gradual slope into the sea .

Spit Peresyp - sandbank issued to tens of kilometers in the Sea of Azov, where the lack of infrastructure is compensated by the high quality of rest. Possible interim option - to settle in the village, with trips to the Spit only to bathe in the sea. But in this case, substantially more expensive vacation - taxi drivers in Kirillovka "tear up three skins" (in fact, as in any resort) .

Unspoiled by mass tourism Stepok

Unspoiled by mass tourism Stepok

Those who stopped to rest right next to the sea, in Styopka note that the morning air is particularly fresh and light, and the beaches are less filled with vacationers. Stepok, located on a plot of expansion Fedotova Spit before moving it to the island Biruchiy attracts a wide variety of both luxury and budget vacation options. At the cost of recreation centers, hotels, affects the distance from the sea, close to the wild beaches and the level of service.

In Styopka relatively quiet, except for a couple of bars and restaurants in which to while away the night and predawn hours. Therefore, those who came for the heavenly tranquility of renting a house in the depths of Fedotova Spit or stop in the "Old Styopka" - the private sector, with green courtyards.

The sea in Styopka deep, but with a gently sloping entrance. Clean it remains even in the "high season". great beaches, sandy and not filled with tourists "to failure" even in July and August. You can not say about the choice of apartments and rooms in hotels. Most of them still book the spring.

Taxi Styopka ugly is expensive, but it saves public transport, which is the farthest from dovozit neighborhood Kirillovka in the beginning Fedotova Spit in 10 minutes.

Fedotova Spit - a panacea for all ills

The further on horn and closer to Styopka, the lower the activity of holiday-makers. Enjoy the sights and the beauty of the Sea of Azov on Fedotova Spit, crashed into the sea 45 km, with the different money. The price tag ranges from 70 to 1000 hryvnia per night. The cost of living depends on the season and a colorful decoration of rooms. Search for decent housing for normal money moving legs, wondering and asking, physically impossible, and may result in exorbitant prices (especially for tourists can be seen that they have arrived at the Ukrainian resort with freshly printed notes of green). Good rooms at reasonable prices for Fedotov Spit booked from March to April.

Fedot (so-called Fedotov Spit) Rajski great place. And best of all, access to the center from the spit, you can quickly and easily on the shuttles that go into the season every 15 minutes.

Restaurants, shops and nightlife of discos full at the beginning Fedotova Spit. Here you can try all the possible kinds of seafood and fish of the Azov himself sitting on a boat tour.

For peace of mind and a new influx of forces on the island Biruchiy

Stable delight - so most of the guests would describe feelings Kyrylivka covering when meeting with Reserve «Biruchiy». Bathing on the island in the open sea - a true gift of nature, and two weeks of vacation in a comfortable hotel on the shore - the privilege of the chosen.

Biruchiy connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, it offers a very rare commodity on earth vain - solitude and absolute calm.

And if you plan a trip to Kyrylivka includes:

a) immersion in an atmosphere of wild nature with uncharacteristic for coastal steppe plants and rare animals, birds (most of which are listed in the Red Book);

b) sunbathing on the largest sandy beaches of the resort;

c) swimming in the cleanest bays;

g) maritime and land excursions;

c) the rest of the people,

Then rent a house on the island it is necessary to lounging in a deck chair, and then fall into a nap under the whisper of gentle sea.

But are all resting in the Herald - secured travelers. No. The island "budget" is often rest and couples with children. Tots local hotels and resorts encouraging small sports fields, children's animation and zoougolkami.

Some of the difficulties that can face resting, settling on the island Biruchiy:
  • Just like to travel in a closed protected area will not work - control the movement of visitors Kyrylivka carry two government cordon. Purchase tickets at the hotel, located on the island, automatically solves the problem with a pass.
  • Infrastructure like roads, no.

The private sector in Kirillovka

Every tourist seeks to perfect vacation, and one of the priorities - to find good accommodation. Infrastructure Kyrylivka is already so developed that virtually the entire private sector has become a large hotel complex - the vestiges of socialism and the "grandmother" of the room disappeared, magically transformed into a truly comfortable rooms. You can stay in a separate house, or choose a room in one of the many private mini-hotels. Typically, this 2-3-storey cottages European level. The cost of housing will depend on the service, the availability of parking, playground, swimming pool.

The rooms with facilities and at a reasonable price, you can choose in the newly built up areas of the city, for example, in the "Tsarskoye Selo". Among the shortcomings - no asphalt, trees and greenery, distance from the sea and the lack of sane bus.

Limani Kyrylivka - Utlyuksky and Milk

Limani Kyrylivka - Utlyuksky and Milk

Beauty local estuaries become a real discovery for those who just came to the sea and swim. Before horizon light water mirror, purple islands of dried flowers on the green banks of herons, ducks, the smell! A priceless estuaries steel through a biologically active therapeutic mud.

To reach to the sources, that the whole Ukraine is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, simply from anywhere in Kyrylivka. To live nearby the estuary Utlyuksim accommodation in Styopka removed or Biruchiy Spit Island .

An important advantage Utlyuksogo estuary - good weather almost all summer. What makes it very attractive in the eyes of windsurfing fans who come to rest in Kirillovka from all over Ukraine.

How to organize a vacation with children in Kirillovka?

How to organize a vacation with children in Kirillovka?

On the sea want everything - and children in the first place, even if it is vaguely remember what the prospects opening before them such a trip. The peculiarity of rest in Kirillovka is that it is easy to organize themselves: by to get to the village, most choose the pension itself and create an entertainment program. Regarding the choice of the resort village accommodation possibilities enormous: from a room in a private house to the recreation center with a claim to the European level. It all depends on the needs and desires of the parents: for some savages Camping with children - the most it (the main thing - the sea nearby), others can not imagine a summer holiday without all the modern facilities, three meals a day and good wi-fi signal in the room.

When planning a vacation with a child by the sea in Kirillovka, it should be remembered that:
  • Children's tourism is developed everywhere, ie, in the center of Kirillovka, and spits. But if the factor that determines the rest - a rehabilitation of the child, then it is better not to wait for the high season, and the rest go to the sea at the beginning of the season, for example, in Stepok;

  • for the beautiful nature ride on the island Biruchiy;

  • bathing season in the Azov Sea begins in mid-May. The water warms up very quickly. At this time, a child can safely stop in the center of Kirillovka, not worrying about the crowd of companies "drunk" people. And in July and August to go to the St. Cyril's spit - Peresyp and Fedotko, focusing more on family vacation;

  • question the food at all bases in Kirillovka settled comfortably. In a tour of the hotel you can buy directly from the breakfast, lunch and dinner, in the other only pay for the room and prepare yourself in the kitchen, or eat with the children in the coastal cafe;

  • village with the children on the basis of the first line of the sea with its beach is always more convenient, because at any time can be bought up in the sea and go into the house for lunch, go to the toilet, shower. (Do not touch the central area of the village - on the quay from morning till night playing music);

  • Not all children tolerate heat well, so you need to look for a house close to the beaches, which are equipped with canopies, not only over the sand, but the water;

  • stay at a hotel rather than in a separate house, may interfere with the neighbors behind the wall, who came to relax and forget all the decorum of the house. Therefore booking an accommodation via the Internet is not superfluous to know about sound insulation in the rooms and the best neighborhood (ie a leisure-oriented apartment - a family or youth).

What to do if you are stopped at a recreation center, a child is afraid of the sea and does not want to go swimming?

The fear of deep water lies in a person on a subconscious level. To overcome the fear of the baby before the sea you need to resort to natural means - games and not in any way force. Drag the child forced into the water can not be! You just shokiruete it and will only increase the feeling of fear.

So 3 games that will contribute to the smooth acquaintance of the child with the sea Kirillovka:
  • by quiet morning when the sea completely calm, organize at the beach building sand towers. Playing with sand near the water line, and the baby will not notice how the water will gently caress his little legs;

  • Kirillovka the sea is calm, but when run across the small waves, and teach the child to play with the sea, "catch-up". Run away and jump waves rolling, throw stones at them and paint sticks to the wet sand;

  • Take baby bucket filled with seawater, and ask your child to throw you. It will take him a lot of joy. The kid, for sure, want to repeat. Then grab his hand and offer to fill a bucket in the sea together. After a few minutes of "douches" close proximity of the Sea of Azov will not be so disturbing.

Do not assume that the rest is broken, if the child will sit the entire vacation on the beach. Improvement in Kirillovka pass fully, if we look at the situation from the other side! Even without going into the water child breathes beneficial sea air, warms up with warm sands and simultaneously receives air baths! Double the health benefits if you can rent a house right on the front line in the end "Spit Peresyp" and "Fedotova Spit". At night in the room will smell fresh sea breeze - air saturated with iodine, potassium, bromine, calcium and magnesium.

How to behave on the water in Kirillovka?

Bathing in the sea Kirillovka: in the center and on braids, cleared of foreign objects:. Metal debris, large rocks, garbage, etc. Therefore, water can enter safely. But while swimming try not to swim up to the boats movement routes, not swim for the buoys and far from the coast. The sea does not jump from structures not intended for this purpose, to bathe in a drunken state, and in stormy weather.

Attention parents! Shallow beaches - not a reason to leave their children near the water without supervision, even if they are put on wheels and armlets. Before the trip to the sea is required to explain to the child that still be unable to swim or bad, it is possible to go into the water only with an adult.