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Recreation "Electricians"

Recreation "Electric" is on the coast of the Azov Sea, in the heart of Fedotova Spit. On the one hand, 50 meters from the recreation center "Electric" sea begins with a private beach, on the other Utlyuksky estuary.

At the recreation center has a cafe with the possibility of ordering the set menus. If you want to cook yourself, you will be given the appropriate equipment, and the necessary utensils and equipment. The recreation center has an equipped playground braziers.

On the recreation available: children's playground and a cozy gazebo for relaxing near the fountain. Recreation on the beach, children can ride a "puck", "banana", a catamaran and go down into the water with a large inflatable slides. Just on the beach and cafes, where you can buy soft drinks and delicious ice cream. For vacationers arriving by car - free parking.

It offers guests

Recreation "Electric" offers holidaymakers "Deluxe", "Junior" and "Economy".

Room "Suite": 2 Room rooms designed for four people. The room air conditioner (split system), TV (satellite), a fridge, a necessary minimum utensils and equipment. Each room has new furniture : beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs, table. There is a cozy, spacious veranda.

Phone "Junior" : 2 and 3 bed rooms in two-storey cottages. The room air conditioner (split system), TV (satellite), a fridge, a necessary minimum utensils and equipment. Each room has new furniture : beds, tables, chairs, table. On the spacious terrace in front of the room table and chairs.

Cabins 3 and 4 local. Wooden houses with interior design wallpaper. In the room: 3 or 4 beds, tables, 3-4 stool, table, clothes hanger, refrigerator, utensils necessary minimum. On the terrace in front of the cabin table and stools.

Be sure to say that you call from

Fedotov Spit, 184.

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Виктор 21-07-2017 19:57:51

Не советую воруют админ с продавцом очков на входе базы. На 2 день вскрыли домик денег не нашли так забрали документы. Вызвали полицию написали заяву и как сказал следак дело закрыто админ заплатил. Душ платный 8-15гривен. В туалет лучше не заходить на пляже на много лучше.

Борис 15-05-2018 08:32:16

Ув. Виктор , я администратор б/о Электрик. Пишу спросить имя того следака которому , якобы заплатил? И хотел бы Вас привлечь к ответственности следака. Вы же утвердительно сказали что я заплатил ему. Прошу написать или позвонить. С Ув. Администратор б/о Электрик.

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