Excursions in Kyrylivka

Excursions in Kyrylivka

In Kyrylivka there is an information center where you can get help or book a tour. Usually carry tourists vans.

You can go to:

Khortytsya Island, is the huge island that exists on the Dnieper. Khortytsya is the pride and the most important landmark of the city Zaporozhye in Ukraine. Due to the favorable location of the island in the XVI century, has become a haven Ukrainian Cossacks in consequence of which there and formed Zaporizhzhya Sich.

In reserve Askaniya Nova. reserve consists of three main areas: the virgin steppes, arboretum park and, of course, the zoo. The animal world has kept its indigenous fauna. Here there are the typical representatives of prairie life as a great jerboa, rodents, hare, Zayats, and predators: foxes, weasels, wolves.

In a unique natural object stone tomb. stone tomb surrounded by prairie grass mat, which is listed in the Red Book as endangered plants. And also outside the museum dedicated to the reserve are stone images and other historical monuments, built by ancient Scythians and other tribes.

most realistic direction excursions with Kyrylivka is a sanctuary "Fedotov Spit" and preserve «Biruchiy Island». On the island Biruchiy can see wild allowed.Hotel early summer is usually the reserve itself is closed to due calving animals.