Add a recreation

Add a recreation

We suggest you add a recreation center, a hotel, a boarding house, a hotel located in Kirillovka.

The site is one of the largest catalogs of recreation centers, hotels, boarding houses of the Azov coast. At the moment there are more than 600 recreation facilities in the catalog. The popularity of our website speaks for itself - it's always in the top three of Google's search in Ukrainian and the top five in Russian.

We have radically improved our project, expanded our capabilities and significantly increased our attendance. One of the advantages that sets us apart from competitors is the mobile version of the site . This is an important point, because Currently, the share of users with mobile devices is more than 60%. Thus, your offer will be seen by 60% more people. Accordingly, the number of orders will increase.

Any visitor to the site can be your potential customer, so we made a convenient mobile version. Thanks to the adaptation of the pages to any screen resolution, the site is convenient to use, navigate, view images and read text.

Plus, the search engines now take into account the adapted site for mobile devices or not. With this factor in mind, output is generated, i. E. Unapproved sites will be excluded from mobile search. While our site will be accessible to users from home computer, and from a smartphone or tablet.

By joining our catalog, you will not miss a single client!

Placing an object in the directory

Placing as a banner ad.

Please contact the site administration.

Requirements for registration.

Free:In the private sector category.

Your contact information (phone numbers, address, email.).

The description must be up to 500 characters.

Photos are the minimum size of 1200px. up to 5 pcs.

Photos with watermarks are not accepted.

VIP Cost of services for placing on the site

Annual placement in the catalog.

Accommodation of an individual page with information about the object (recreation center, hotel).

1000 UAH

Services are paid separately from the annual placement in the catalog.

Placement in the popular block.

The fastening of your object at the top of the list of all recreation centers marked "Popular" object is marked with a red icon.

Also your object is visible on all pages description of recreation centers in the block "similar accommodation options" example.

800 UAH

Accommodation in the "rest here" block.

Banner 110,110

500 UAH

Banner 260,130

1000 UAH

Banner 260,260

2000 UAH

Placement on the "main" page.

By default, the "main" page hosts the most viewed recreation centers.

If your object is not on the "main" page - you can place there for a fee.

2500 UAH

Placing an indexed link on your site.

2 000 UAH
Placement of an unindexed link to your site. 1,000 UAH

Placement of offers for transportation
In the form of banner advertising, please contact the site administration.

First place

2000 UAH

Second place

1800 UAH

Third place

1600 UAH

How to add your object to the site

To add your object to the site - send an email to our Email: with the following content:

1. The name of your object.

2. Address.

3. Contact telephones.

4. Description of your object.

5. Cost of living.

6. Additional services and infrastructure.

7. GPS coordinates or a link with the label of your object on the Google map.

8. The pictures are a minimum size of 1200px. up to 50 pcs., pictures with watermarks are not accepted. Specify which photo will be "capital".

Important Information

Each page of the site is reviewed. Removal and editing of comments is impossible (see the Law of Ukraine On Information, Article 47-1) except in cases of obvious deception. Try not to hide negative feedback, but increase the number of positive ones.


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