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Recreation "Breeze"

Private recreation Breeze is located on the resort coast of the Azov Sea , in the south of the Zaporozhye region, in the village Kyrylivka, Fedotov Spit.

Clean air, infused with scents of flowering steppe grass and the sea, a unique landscape with bays and estuaries, fishing paradise, sandy beaches - all the Azov Sea area, where the recreation Briz.Esli hot outside, you will always find a shadow on the recreation Breeze. In the heat better to relax in cozy cabins and kottedzhah.Na the base Breeze pleasing to the eye and contribute to a fun and easy mood of a large number of scenic areas and bodies of water, blooming flowerbeds, tree-lined avenues, cozy alcoves, where you can relax with friends, have a chess tournament play dominoes or backgammon, to sporting events, or even just to enjoy nature and see the sunrise.

Each recreation Breeze are equipped with bathrooms with hot and cold water. Each room has a refrigerator, air conditioning televizor.Planirovka any room in the building or cottage made by European standards and carefully designed beautifully appointed with comfortable furniture. Water is supplied to the rooms around the clock.

At the recreation Breeze Brizenok a children's club, who will be able to provide children's activities with various games, contests, tournaments, prizes and gifts. We also have a cozy theater with a modern system of sound and image. Recreational Breeze - for those who like comfort!

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Fedotov Spit
38 06131 6-98-00

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Price, UAH per room (price may differ from the numbers listed on the site)


    • before 23.06
      2500 UAN
    • before 26.08
      3000 UAN
    • before 30.09
      800 UAN


    • before 23.06
      700 UAN
    • before 26.08
      800 UAN
    • before 30.09
      300 UAN


    • before 23.06
      650 UAN
    • before 26.08
      750 UAN
    • before 30.09
      250 UAN