Mirror Maze Kirillovka

Mirror Maze Kirillovka


Parc entertainment "funnies" - this exciting attraction for children and adults, which is in the center Kyrylivka, near the Aquarium and Luna Park.

Labyrinth is addictive fun attraction that consists of the tricky mirror corridors, after several clashes with whom - creates a unique feeling that the road ahead is not, and the road back has disappeared, only around seen reflected.

All visitors Mirror Maze is expected to meet with infinity optical illusion , multiple reflections of their own , which will enchant you.

Mirror Maze "fun" - it's an interesting ride and great fun for the whole family.

Incredible fun and entertainment for everyone who loves the unusual puzzles ! Vivid emotions in the play of light and the set of reflections.

What you would not be overconfident, this ride will give you a portion of unusual experiences! Light and variable space confuse even the experienced ranger with good coordination. So do not be too self-confident in their abilities, take the fun company and come on an adventure in the Mirror Maze!

Welcome to the world of entertainment, laughter and jokes ! for the whole family.

Ticket price to visit the "Mirror Maze":

Children and pensioners - 20 UAH.

Adults - 40 UAH.

Free - Children under 6 years old.

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