Choose the type of swimsuit figures

Choose the type of swimsuit figures


During the summer, one can not do without a bathing suit. Currently, there is a huge range of different models of swimsuits. However, there are some guidelines for choosing the best model according to the features of a figure, as each girl strives to look like, that were highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages of all razed.

There are several basic types of figures. So-called "rectangle" correspond roughly equal bust, waist and hips. Such a type of figure swimwear suit of bright colors, perhaps with a floral print. Also a good idea to look conjoint swimsuit with cutouts along the waist. In order to emphasize the bust, choose a model in which the bra fastens in front. In addition, to simulate a thin waist note swimwear which are decorated with lace, ribbon, or other things, able to visually enlarge the hips. For such a figure in its counter-swimwear with horizontal stripes, as they will only aggravate the situation.

To figure the "triangle" is characterized by a narrow waist, coupled with wide hips or with broad shoulders. In the first case, you need to look away from large hips, focusing on the waist or chest. So choose separate swimwear with active enough bodice adorned with ruffles, large pattern, choose a local smelting same color, preferably dark shade. It should be avoided as horizontal lines on the trunks, swimwear, swimming trunks with shorts. If you have broad shoulders, then you need to focus on the contrary on the hips and chest. For this purpose, suitable swimwear, bra which is tied around the neck, creating a V-shaped neckline, preferably local color. Swim well as times may be colored and added a cute frill or skirt.

«Hourglass" found the ideal female figure. Therefore the owners of such forms only need to make it all right, choosing swimwear bright colors and various colors.

Now I want to give advice they need in order to hide the parts of the figure. For example, large breasts can visually reduce the local color of the bodice leotard. In addition, choose a model with bones for the best breast fixation. The problem of short legs can be removed by choosing swimwear with inflated cut on the hips. In order to hide the tummy conjoint choose swimwear with vertical lines along the waist. If you prefer to separate swimsuit, the melting should be inflated to the waist area.

Thus, using these relatively simple tips, you can pick up a bathing suit, in which your body will look great.

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