Ukrainian miracle of nature - Askaniya Nova

Ukrainian miracle of nature - Askaniya Nova


Youthful dream of Frederick Fants-Fein, a German colonist, was realized, of course, one of the most remarkable wonders of Ukraine and the largest in the Evprope - steppe reserve Askaniya Nova. Title reserve appropriated one of its owners in honor of the Duke of Ketensky Askaniya his estate, located in Germany. The world's first Fants Friedrich-Fein in 1898, withdrew from their estates massive territory, which is now Askaniya Nova.

Reserve consists of three main zones: the virgin steppe, arboretum park and, of course, the zoo. The animal world has kept its indigenous fauna. Here there are the typical representatives of prairie life as a great jerboa, rodents, hare, Zayats, and predators: foxes, weasels, wolves. There are dozens of species of amphibians, reptiles and arthropods. Approximately 70 species of animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and hundreds of species protected by the various European conventions. A special feature of the reserve is the fact that he made a special contribution to the conservation of rare species - Przewalski's horse, whose appearance in Europe at the end of XIX century goes from here. Arboretum Askanii Nova irrigated artesian waters that had an impact on a wide range of different types of "works" flora. The park has over 600 species of herbaceous plants and about 1,000 species and varieties of trees.

Unique landscapes of the reserve each year is visited by thousands of tourists, vacationers, people ecological and biological professions. Askaniya Nova offers all kinds of tours on the reserve, various consultations in the field of growing plants and of the animals. Also operates a small fair of gifts and souvenirs. The reserve is located 75 kilometers from Kherson. It should be noted that the rail link with Ascanio Nova no.

All those who want to spend time pleasantly, and with an extraordinary advantage, no doubt have to visit this beautiful miracle of nature Ukrainian.

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