What is thalassotherapy treatment or by sea

What is thalassotherapy treatment or by sea


About ry many, if not all, like to rest on the sea, dream of meeting with him every year. There is in this element is something attractive. But other than positive emotions, many wish to receive health benefits from the trip.

What do you do if the sea can not get out for whatever reason? In this case, you can take advantage of thalassotherapy.

It is derived from two Greek words: thalassa - Sea and therapeia - treatment.

First thalassotherapy institute was created in 1899 in the French province of Brittany. Its founder, Dr. Louis Bagot applied the "treatment sea" to patients with diseases of the joints and rheumatism.

Today thalassotherapy practiced in more than 100 clinics and institutes in the world, in almost every prestigious hotel, you can take a course or a course correction stress with seafood.

Recent studies have confirmed that the medical-prophylactic use of sea water, silt, sand, seaweed and other seafood, gives excellent results. Thalassotherapy, this is not just another "fad capricious wellness-fashion." It can significantly improve the metabolism, detoxification exercise of poisons and toxins of various origins saturate minerals musculoskeletal person, to increase lung capacity, improve the function of the heart muscle, strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

With thalassotherapy conducted normal levels of cholesterol in the body, cleanse the skin, rehabilitation and recovery of the body.

Thalassotherapy is used in the treatment of cellulite, has a cosmetic effect (increases firmness and elasticity of the skin).

Currently used in thalassotherapy more than 400 seafood. They are good because they have virtually no contraindications.

In thalassotherapy apply special cabin with marine climate. Half an hour spent in the cab climate with high air ionization, provide health benefits such as a walk along the coast of the sea for hours.

Sea heals - it was known to the ancient Greeks. Moreover, they believed that the sea can cure all ills.

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