Sunstroke - symptoms and first aid

Sunstroke - symptoms and first aid


Hastupaet summer, we try to go to the sea to get a welcome dose of sunshine and warmth. To make sure your stay was not damaged, we must be aware of the danger of heat or sunstroke in advance and take the necessary measures.

For a start, clearly delineate the concept of "sunstroke" and "heat stroke." Earn "sunstroke" can human exposure to direct sunlight to get "heat stroke" is possible in a stuffy, unventilated and hot room.

Essence of these "impact" - the general - the inability of the body (including the circulatory system), to deal with the heat. As you know, our body has a temperature of approximately 36,7 ° C, while it (the body) is able to remove excess heat through sweating. If the sweating process does not occur, and the ambient temperature over 35 ° C - in this period and there is a heat stroke. If, at the same time, on the bare head exposed to direct sunlight, there is a danger that all this is over yet, and sunstroke.

Symptoms of heat stroke: a) the headache and rush of blood to the head, b) the noise in the ears, and c) the weakness and nausea, d) dizziness and thirst.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to quickly move into the shade, drink something cold and make a cold compress on the forehead and neck. If in this case (with symptoms of sunstroke), do nothing of the above, all this effort: to appear weakness, shallow breathing, participation, or, on the contrary, weaken pulse. A person who has received a sunstroke becomes sensitive to light (starts to complain about the blackout), pain in the abdomen, then can begin diarrhea (diarrhea). In severe stages may have convulsions, vomit, be a sense of fear, sometimes a person may lose consciousness. The skin becomes hot and red, the pupils dilate. Up to 40 ° C and a temperature of the body increases.

When heat stroke all of these symptoms develop much more intense. It happens that even without pronounced symptoms, the person may lose consciousness.

First Aid. The person receiving sunlight or heat stroke, will be moved into the shade or just in a cool room, on the neck, chest and head put a cold compress. If the victim is unconscious - to give him a cold mineral water. Under no circumstances should you give alcohol! In the event of loss of consciousness or stop breathing should be performed artificial respiration. But, in any case, should seek immediate medical care.

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