How to keep valuables and strong nerves on vacation

How to keep valuables and strong nerves on vacation


Going on a holiday, do not forget that in any country - no matter where you go, there are people who not averse to borrow from the rest of their money and valuables.

Not worth it, when walking through the Kyrylivka , to carry a large sum of money. Better to take a little bit to the necessary expenses, and leave the rest in a safe place such as a hotel safe. If you do take a large amount, then try to break it up into smaller pieces and spread in different pockets. In this case, the probability of remaining penniless decreases.

Put on a large amount of jewelry, walking through Kyrylivka to anything. Even if you do not lose them, then just get the attention of thieves. Better wear your diamond necklace in a restaurant of the same hotel where you are staying, that would not have to go out there on the street. A better leave it at home.

Avoid crowded, narrow streets and busy markets. As long as you're looking at the goods, someone has probably looks at your handbag. So keep it always in your hands. And do not lose vigilance.

But what could be worse than the loss of money - just the loss of the passport, especially if you are vacationing abroad. To avoid confusion, make several copies of the passport and other necessary travel documents. Carry a copy of, and the originals are best kept in the safe.

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