Fishing on the Sea of ​​Azov. catching pelengasa

Fishing on the Sea of ​​Azov. catching pelengasa


Pelengas - fish of kefalevyh . Pelengas lived in the Sea of Japan and the surrounding seas. In the 60-70s of last century the population of the Black Sea mullets went sharply down. It was decided to acclimatize to the Black Sea and Sea of Azov Far Eastern mullet, more commonly known as pelengas, the experiment was a success. Especially good pelengas caught on Azov, pelengas reaches meter long and weigh up to 10 pounds. Body covered with large scales elongated, torpedo shaped and three very sharp dorsal spines.

The main criteria for this was the fact that this fish is not afraid of the cold and eats organic. Pelengas very quickly adapted to the new environment - the mild climate and rich forage base did their job. Pelengas is a valuable marine fish species in the Ukraine, lives today in the whole basin of the Black and Azov seas.

Main food for pelengasa serves local Liman worm called Nereis, who lives in the mud. We just need to dig a little soil and select the bait. Worm's better to keep it in a familiar environment, adding to the capacity of the water, soil. He also loves and organic food, which in the Sea of Azov lot.

For catching pelengasa use such gear from the shore: For this we need a spinning, who will be able to provide the casting distance of one hundred meters, cargo weighing up to about 100 grams (depending on the upcoming casting distance). The coil, which is placed near the fishing line 200 meters, diameter of line 0,35 mm. Next to go fishing pelengasa equipment, fishing line is one and a half meters in length on which the three leash hook, small float, usually bright red in color.

A role in the biting weather pelengasa plays. The best time of year for fishing on pelengasa - the end of the spring and summer after the storm: water warmed and his spawn is over. Pelengas prefers to feed during daylight in hot weather.

Pelengasa The bite looks like: fishing line is weakened, then a sharp jerk, potyag passes and begins to tackle sidetrack. At this moment it is necessary to give a little slack in the fishing line, and then make a sharp slicing down, then you can safely vyvazhivat. Pelengas - fish careful, clever and strong: seeing an obstacle, it simply skips it, and before he nabbed the bait repeatedly up to her and shops.

Best place for fishing is Kyrylivka on Utlyukskom estuary.

Best of luck in the new fishing season, you will see that fishing pelengasa - interesting, fascinating and exciting occupation.

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