Holidays at sea without extra costs

Holidays at sea without extra costs


Summer - the holidays, when I want to have a good rest and gain strength. And where's a good holiday? Of course, the sea. But the rest of the sea is for a large monetary cost, and sometimes, they exceed all possible strips of Finance.

However, for many people, often holidaymakers in the resort, this is not news, and they already have their own secrets as the possibility to stay at sea. They know how and when you can save money without sacrificing himself

So let's use their years of experience and also arrange themselves economical stay. Typically, the biggest cash costs - payment for accommodation, transportation to the resort, food and buying souvenirs.

Accommodation .

Golden rule of cheap holiday at sea is to create a plan in advance. Do not be lazy and advance podyschu a place to live. This will help you online. One has only to type in a search engine that you are looking for a house or a room for rent, as you will fall offers with photos, with the lists of amenities and contact information. You will only need to dial a phone number and arrange a date soon.

Course, you can find accommodation and on arrival at your holiday destination, but it is unlikely you there podyschu cheapest option. Most likely, you will agree to any terms, but would not be dragged into finding all over the city with their huge suitcases.

By the way, pay special attention to what amenities you offer in rented accommodation, for example, your room will be equipped with a TV and a dishwasher. Why do they tell you? You arrive at the sea is not to lie in bed and watch TV. With such success, you can rest at home. And the money for such facilities you will be charged a lot.

Drive to the resort.

Drive to the resort sometimes turns very wasteful. Why? All the matter in the transport. If you want to relax in Russia, it is better to use the train. The bus even faster and take you to your destination, but you'll pay for this luxury is almost 2 times higher.

If you planned your holiday abroad, there is only one option - to air travel. When buying a ticket, ask about current promotions. Sometimes airlines arrange stock at deep discounts on tickets. But they have one condition - the specific date and time of departure.


Many holidaymakers rent accommodation with the service of "all inclusive", ie it is cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Experience shows that few people of holidaymakers enjoyed the last two. Usually at this time, they or the sea, or walking on excursions. But not eaten for food, money will not be returned. Therefore, to economically rest, better refrain from this service and leave just finished breakfast. And eat during the day, you will be able to food bought in a store or made themselves.

Buying souvenirs .

Spa Visitor with a suitcase stuffed with a variety of souvenirs and trinkets. Sound familiar? It may be called - a waste of money and time. It is understood that upon release from happiness head is spinning and so want to share our joy with family and relatives. It was with this goal, many vacationers are squandering their wallets on unnecessary things. What for? After all, they are still at home will just stand and covered with dust. Avoid these markets and shops. You do not need. Do not forget that your goal is - a cheap beach vacation.

To above can only add that the most economical way to vacation - "off-season" holiday, when the passage of the resort and the prices are reduced by 30%. Usually, there comes a time in May and June.

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