Relax on the Sea of ​​Azov is suitable for the whole family

Relax on the Sea of ​​Azov is suitable for the whole family


Hahalnye seagulls roam the sandy shore, and unceremoniously steal from the less agile bird food right from under his nose. On the horizon are seen ships that appear to be from the bank toy. They wake up the dream of travel, beckoning to distant lands. And you have a desire to set foot on the ship, and to go on it, in an adventurous voyage. The air is scented waters the fresh sea breeze. You is a sense of serenity and tranquility. And only a lazy breeze tugging for your thoughts.

You ask where our land is such a place?

Strange as it sounds, but very close - on the shore of the Sea of Azov. It attracts a huge number of tourists every year, who appreciated and sandy beach and warm waves of the sea. The sea is ideal for family holidays. Young children is a great pleasure to splash the shore. Adults at this time lie peacefully under the eaves, breathe healthy air, bask in the sun and relax after the bustle of the city, filled with stress.

First vacationers come here in the month of May, and the last leave this blessed place in September. If before there was a poor set of entertainment in recent years on the coast, to the guests, serves a variety of different attractions. You can visit a water park, a ride on the sea, not only on the jet skis, but also on the yacht, fly up in the air, and enjoy the feeling of flying. Operates a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. Open discos, concerts are invited to come here artists. There is no problem with the acquisition of needed items or products.

Conditions can be quite different and depend on your ability. Hotel services and facilities are well-appointed accommodations, hotels, boarding houses, which offer rooms as increased comfort and a more modest, in accordance with the cost. There is the opportunity to stay in the private sector, or to rent a room.

There are private beaches with increased comfort stay. However, no public beaches are clean and comfort.

One of the main attractions of the coast of the Sea of Azov is a well-developed fishing. Even resting in Yalta, you will not be able to enjoy so many fish delicacies like here.

Fish can be purchased on the market, it is offered on the beach, as a living, and in dried form. Not to mention those of many restaurants and cafes that specialize in fish dishes.

lately especially popular fish baked in foil, and fish kebabs. There was also a completely new dish - fish cooked on the grill. That's all you can taste in restaurants and cafes. In some places these dishes you can prepare yourself.

in the local market is always possible to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

And, of course, no vacationer will not leave here empty-cancers. Home he is sure to take with you on the memory ram that will remind him of home, over a bottle of beer on those sunny days that he spent on the beach welcoming and warm sea.

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