Relax on the Sea of ​​Azov

Relax on the Sea of ​​Azov


EIf you sad situation when coming to the beach, you find it difficult to find a space, then you need to come to rest on Sea of Azov. And the prices on the Black Sea coast resorts, where no room to swing a cat, in these times, very, very not cheap.

Come to beautiful, sunny, wonderful resort city Kyrylivka, that in the Zaporozhye region. You joyfully with friendly waves of Azov sea, you can enjoy the unique natural formation - Fedotovoj oblique , which seems to want to break out of the lungs embrace Azov Sea and Utlyukskogo estuary. It is a narrow, elegant arrow hurtling towards the south. You can tell a lot about it, but you have to see with your own eyes and remember all this natural wonder.

For a pleasant stay on the Azov Sea resort operates dozens of recreation centers, many hotels, houses, and the houses of "turnkey". Anglers can choose to your taste estuary milk or utlyug.

Dairy estuary is famous since ancient times for its curative mud, brine treatment. Specialists - balneologists evaluate Utlyuksky estuary and the Sea of Azov as the ideal place where to place large international recreation and massively develop sailing sports. Kyrylivka is located in a natural, truly original place and it promises good prospects.

Rest on the Azov Sea attracts a temperate climate, passing from maritime to continental. Winter is usually mild, rainy, windy. Snow falls, but rarely, and his cover is unstable. Frosts are short-lived. In January, the average temperature of about-10C. In summer, sunny, dry, warm, and it makes the rest of the Sea of Azov is very enjoyable. The average summer temperature is about 25 C. Annual precipitation is about 500 mm per year. During the year, the sun shines 2,350 hours. A swimming season lasts from May until September. Located along the coast of sand and shell and sandy beaches. It is this fact makes it very attractive vacation on the Sea of Azov.

Beaches are facing the open sea, which makes it possible to enjoy a safe riding on the waves.

Beaches Kyrylivka compete successfully with many beaches on the southern coast of Crimea shore slope, mineral composition, reflectivity and uniformity of sand, and a cocktail of healthful sea and steppe air is truly unique and inimitable, and will not rest Azov Sea unforgettable.

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