Weekend getaway at the Sea of Azov

Weekend getaway at the Sea of Azov

01 17 2016

For a good and relaxing holiday should be competently and correctly plan and choose the right resort for yourself. In summer, more and more travelers have desired to go to the sea. In warmer months, it's a good escape from everyday worries and the hustle and bustle, to wake up and positive emotions. Relax on the beach - is to hold its output, so that would be fun and comfortable, go outside and watch the beautiful scenery. Leaving the sea, it is necessary to leave the negative emotions, vanity and bad mood within the city. Azov sea resorts of their different, but human craving just relax, it will not make any difference. Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye for a long time with the routine and enjoy life. Yet ever and should take a good rest.

To enrich your stay is required to plan everything and pick up the resort. For example, you can go on vacation in Arabat Spit. Experts say that the sea makes it possible to restart the human body and get in the right direction. Therefore it is necessary to allocate a couple of hours to pick up a swimsuit, a towel and take to go on holiday to the sea.

Only this place can fill human appeasement, it moves away from the cities, the noise of the sea and beaches with sand soothe the soul. For residents of Russia and Ukraine Arabat Spit assumed known holiday destination. There are a variety of hospitals, such as natural hot springs, salt shore, sea water and brine estuaries. Through this all, you can combine beach vacation and recreation of his body.

Unfortunately, during a vacation or a weekend time runs very fast. It is necessary to carefully treat the route planning and journey to the sea. After the end of vacation is to buy some souvenirs or trinkets that will entertain during their stay in the city and to remind of the colorful days at sea. It is worth to buy this kind of favors for friends, that would be the next time go together. Less detail and thought about everyday worries more comfort and convenience can only lead a vacation on the beach.

In addition to the trip to the Arabat Spit and you can go to Egypt or Turkey. Yet a large number of holidaymakers are choosing Crimea, namely rest on the Azov Sea, which would spend a few days on the sandy beaches, because there are cheap, you can improve your health and not so far to go. On the sea go by those who like to relax with tents and tourists who do not want to pay for flights, transfers or visa.

The natural advantages of the Crimea are considered and the Gulf of Siwash Arabatskaya arrow. In this area, lovers of cars tested for its durability SUVs. Width Arabatskaya Arrows from two hundred and seventy kilometers, and the length - more than a hundred kilometers away.

Tatar-Turkish fort on the banks of the Sea of Azov, which was built in the mid-seventeenth century, considered Aarabatskaya citadel. First, in the same century it took oblogu Zaporozhye Cossacks, then the Russian Empire in the eighteenth century. When was the Crimean War, this fort protected the Russian soldiers.

At Biryuč Island there is the Azov-Sivash Reserve , which, according to one source, has existed for a long time, and here lived Scythians, according to others - it was created at the behest of Peter the Great.

A monument of nature is considered to Cape Kazantip, there presently is, the National Reserve Kazantip natural type. On the shore near Cape windsurfing, and in the east it is possible to see the excavations of the Ants of the third and second centuries BC.

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