Family Holidays on the Azov Sea

Family Holidays on the Azov Sea


Frankly, I thought I'd never see the sea, it is very expensive, it's vacation at sea only for the wealthy, and the work did not allow the summer to think about it. But I persisted and ingenuity. It turned out good for the economy enough to ring up a few holiday travel agents and choose the right time for it to stay. Turned his attention to a cute village Kyrylivka Zaporizhzhya region .

May - a great time to stay on the Azov coast. At this time, not so crowded beaches are free, well warmed sea water, can safely swim. At all recreation centers and the private sector reduced prices.

The climate is particularly useful for children. Beautiful nature, clean air coast saturated iodine and bromine. Among the features of the Sea of Azov-shallow shores and sandy beaches, which are extremely comfortable for children to play.

Entertainment in May a little can go to the Aquarium. You can see the fish: from the Amazon River, coral reefs, all sorts of far corners of our planet. Represented fauna of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

For those wishing to enjoy the wild untouched nature, you can go to Dairy estuary. Water on the map, in reality-a vast desert where no man has gone before. Very interesting and informative.

Weekly stay cost us 7000 rubles. And if you cook yourself, you can save a good idea. Although the sea do not want to spend time on the kitchen chores. Need a break from everyday hassle.

In general, I wish all a pleasant stay in this wonderful place Kyrylivka.

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