Isle of Khortytsya

Isle of Khortytsya


Island Khortytsya, is the huge island that exists on the Dnieper. Khortytsya is the pride and the most important landmark of the city Zaporozhye in Ukraine. Due to the favorable location of the island in the XVI century, has become a haven Ukrainian Cossacks in consequence of which there and formed Zaporizhzhya Sich .

Guite a long time Zaporizhzhya Sich was the main centers of the military forces of Ukraine. At one time the island Khortytsya has played an important role in the liberation of Ukrainian lands from Polish invaders. In the north of the island Khortytsya history museum housed Zaporizhzhya Cossacks , which collected a lot of interesting artifacts associated with those times. Just to the north of the island of Khortytsya offers a wonderful view of the dam DnieproGES. One of the thresholds in Kiev, which rises above the water just in between the island and the right bank was named in honor of one of the leaders of Ukrainian Cossacks Baida Vishnivetskogo. Until now, this threshold is called the unflooded Baida (correctly pronounced with the accent on the first syllable).

Everywhere on the island, you can stumble on the poles with tablets, which are indicated reminders of distant times Scythia, Kievan Rus and Ukrainian Cossacks. According to the assumptions of some historians on this island Pechenegs killed the famous Prince Svyatoslav. In the center of the island Khortytsya are the magnificent gardens that were planted long ago. North of the island is covered by forests, near which hosts several holiday homes. If you head to the north-east Khortytya, you can go to the beach, specially designed for tourists. On the island there is also a few rocks that attract lovers of mountaineering. In the south of the island is the famous « Equestrian Theater » without a visit, which is a part of tour. Here you can taste delicious and Ukrainian cuisine and see an unforgettable performance that is popular far beyond the borders of Zaporozhye. The program includes a presentation of memorable elements of trick riding, holding a whip, vaulting, as well as all sorts of Cossack fun and games. Sometimes accompanied by the presentation of performances kobzars and Bandura. At the end of presentation of all interested visitors are allowed to ride on horseback. On the territory of the "Theatre of the Horse" can purchase a variety of Ukrainian souvenirs, some of which may be the product of pottery or smithing, with pottery made right in front of visitors.

Far from the island in the village of Upper Khortytsya, which is located on the right bank is growing all the famous 700-year old oak tree. Unfortunately, at present it is almost all dried up, it can be found only a few still living branches. The diameter of the trunk of the tree is about two meters. Many historians believe that it is with this same oak Cossacks wrote his message to the Turkish sultan.

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