Island Biruchiy

Island Biruchiy


Island Biruchiy- field laboratory of the sea, as they call this picturesque and the largest island of the Sea of Azov.

But get on it is not so easy: it Biruchiy is in possession of the Azov-Syvash hunting reserve. So now for sightseers to visit it, you need special permission of the Kherson regional forestry management or administration services (office is located in Genichesk). For everyone who visits the island defines the specific rules of conduct.

What is this unique corner of the Azov nature? In Concise Encyclopedia of Geographic said about him: "Biruchiy island - the name of the extended part of the southern alluvial Fedotov Spit (in the northwestern part of the Sea of Azov).

Until 1929, was separated from the spit by a narrow strait. Maximum length Herald island about 24 kilometers (length braids Fedotovoj about 50 kilometers). Covered with grass and bushes. Indeed, so he was once: the desert, a little-known corner of Azov.

But our life has made rapid been many amendments to this encyclopedic harakteristiku.Odnako first describe how the study was the beginning of the island. The famous Russian scientist and ornithologist A. Brawner was here in the early twentieth century and has made a significant contribution to the study of the feathered inhabitants of the Sea of Azov.

Biruchiy Island is the tip of Fedotovoj braids and is separated from the last deep sill (Girlie). It's all sand, covered with rare steppe vegetation along the northern shore stretches several Ozerets and a large lake, all with brackish water.

Not know now Biruchiy: the years of Soviet power, he turned into a picturesque part of nature. Already in 1927, he was part of the Maritime Reserve, and since 1975, the slave of the Azov-Sivashskaya economy, has become one of the bases for field scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, which from year to year there are scientific research on acclimatization of new plants and animals .

Among the typical steppe vegetation here today pleasing to the eye perennial woody species. In the maze of green belts, crossing the island in all directions, herds of roaming deer. They are long-standing inhabitants - since 1928, when out of the world-famous Askania Nova their ancestors were brought to the Biruchiy.

Island life relished steppe handsome men. So it is not by chance at the international exhibition of hunting trophies in Budapest with antlers Herald were awarded gold medals. Thrives on the island of saiga antelopes, seemingly doomed to extinction in the first half of the XIX century. Now this antelope - native inhabitant Southern Ukrainian Steppes - has found a second home at the Herald.

Freely live on the island of rabbits and foxes, raccoon dogs and Ussuri фазаны.Акклиматизированные animals on the island are of great economic value, they constitute a reserve of fauna not only enrich the Azov Sea, but also in other republics of our vast country.

Example, Askaniyskoy deer, which are now on the island more than a thousand are sent from here to the new habitats - in the steppes of Kazakhstan and the Caucasus mountains ... And this is one of the clearest evidence of a reasonable man, his skillful intervention in the life of nature.

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