Nightclub "RIO" - Kirillovka

Nightclub "RIO" - Kirillovka


RIO nightclub opened in 2006. Since the opening of the present day nightclub "RIO" is one of the first places in the territory of the Azov coast. We can say more, in recent years the club has confidently taken a leadership position throughout Kyrylivka. It is a modern and progressive nightclub current dance music - extremely pleasant atmosphere.

Come to the nightclub "RIO" and plunge into the atmosphere of fun and good cheer !

Many music, drive, dance, fun contests are held and presented interesting show. You can see the performances of various rock bands live sound, enchanting fireshows exciting erotic shows, all kinds of entertainment, as well as get to the foam parties, birthdays and fun annual biker rally "AZOVBAYK"!

Many years at the club "RIO" the annual International biker rally "AZOVBAYK". It is very bright and interesting event. Going to a lot of bikers from all over Ukraine and abroad. Held traditional motoparad and funny biker games and competitions on the beach. Visit bikers and Cossacks to Cyril battle. Horse show is held here, which is attended and bikers. Well, the action takes place at night in the club "RIO".

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