Nightclub "Aquadance" - Kirillovka

Nightclub "Aquadance" - Kirillovka


Nightclub "Aquadance" Kirillovka - one of the most fashionable in the present day Open Air Club on the shores of the Sea of Azov. In 2013 the club is among 20 best clubs in Ukraine according to the Web site "Aquadance" located on the territory of the biggest water park "Treasure Island" in Kyrylivka, it makes a good stay at the club comfortable, convenient and secure.

Events that occur in the club will allow travelers to realize their dreams and bright combine a pleasant summer vacation with a visit to the most fashionable dance arena . Beautiful girls, hot cocktails and nightly pools - a small part of all the fun and wonderful summer positive, which gives you the club "Aquadance".

"Aquadance" - spacious nightclub with a full -scale stage, technology equipped with 3D technology and totally comfortable for club shows and performances of famous artists of any level. Conveniently and in a big space taken Nightclub, which are a few sites:

Come nightclub "Aquadance" and you will get the sea of sensations.
  1. Dance Zone - Capacity 11 meter dance floor with a bar for all lovers of refreshing summer drinks and cocktails.
  2. VIP zone - with a bar and a cozy atmosphere.
  3. VIP balcony - overlooking the central dance floor and stage.
  4. Restaurant area "Billy Bones" - haute cuisine nightly adventures.
  5. "Aquabar" - independent island club life with the sea of pleasure.

Nightclub "Aquadance" welcomes you in the summer season from June 15, and will give you a 25 kilowatt unforgettable musical rhythm with the constant wave of emotion and universal happiness. You understand what it means embracing transparency powerful sound.

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