Luna Park "Adrenalinshou" - Kirillovka

Luna Park "Adrenalinshou" - Kirillovka


Auna Park "Adrenalinshou" occupies a leading position in the list of entertainment Kyrylivka. This is a wonderful amusement park rides have plenty of ground. Of amusement park rides there as family, extreme and children's rides.

Family attractions:

Toboggan. So-called "roller coaster" popular everywhere. Here and in Kyrylivka these slides are in great demand among tourists.
Ferris. This is a wonderful huge wheel, takes you high above the clouds. And from there, with a bird's-eye view, you will see Kyrylivka and the Sea of Azov as the palm. Wheel height of about 30 meters. In the booth fits 4 people.
Tarzan. Jumping on the elastic cord up to 8 meters in height.
Speedway. Car for two people in a quantity of 10 pieces worn for fun autodrome forcing admire adults and children.

Want to visit the mall in Kyrylivka where you can relax and have fun children's and family leisure and get a lot of impressions. Then "Adrenalinshou" the best choice for you and your loved ones!

Extreme attractions:

Designed for an active adventure holiday with adults and children 14 years of age.

Storm. Wonderful attraction that you will not forget.

Children's attractions:

Children amusement rides designed for the little amusement park . The purpose of these rides to keep bright emotional mark on the emotional state of the child and not to scare him . Therefore, the amplitude of motion and swinging rides designed in such a way that the child did not experience negative emotions, and an emphasis on brilliance and fabulousness.


Important that the amusement park "Adrenalinshou" using modern, reliable and timely service equipment giving feel safe. A small price rides will leave pleasant memories.

You and your kids will be satisfied!

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