Nice tan seven days

Nice tan seven days


Warmer it gets, the more I want to bask in the sun in the most beautiful and straighter, after tanning gives the appeal, hides skin imperfections, makes you visually slimmer, attracts the attention of others.

Of course, everybody wants to get the best result in the short term, and in the sun it usually works too.

You would think that for a smooth golden tan to lain under the summer sun for weeks, no, it's much easier to get what you want, you only need one week.

  1. Many, trying as best you can bask in the sun for a week, lie in the sun day and night, but the next day, wrap themselves in shawls, smeared with cream and sit in the shade with her burns. Never do so, all is well, when gradually, with feeling, really play and take your time!
  2. Actually make your skin more tanned seven days in a very simple, it is important to follow a few rules of a one-week tanning.
  3. Choosing the right time for sunbathing. The best time - it's morning and evening. Just remember that morning on the beach should start about seven to eight hours instead of eleven, because it was at eleven to go to the beach and up to four hours to enjoy nature somewhere else, because the sun at this time can only be obtained burns and heat stroke! Per day is recommended in the sun to be no more than two hours. If you tan the first time, then time should be reduced to twenty minutes, and then increase it. This should be done in order to get used to the sun to tan went smoothly.
  4. Always wipe from after climbing out of the water. Drops of water - are small lenses that concentrate the sun's rays, which can cause burns.
  5. Use sunscreen. Pick it based on your skin type. Apply a thin layer of cream, spreading it all over the skin. There lotions with varying degrees of protection: 10, 15, 30, 40, etc. cream is applied 30 minutes before going to the beach. But if you already podzagoreli to stay, then you can use a special oil for tanning.

There are three types of sunscreen: shielding rays, blocking them and cream with a water repellent effect. After you return from the beach, it is better to take a shower with soft gel and apply on the body after sun cream.

Enjoy the summer sun sunbathe right, be healthy and beautiful!

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