Equestrian Theater "Cyril flog"

Equestrian Theater "Cyril flog"


Kirillovka actively developing and expanding its sphere of entertainment and never ceases to amaze tourists. Now vacationers can go Equestrian Theatre "Cyril whip" in the Aquarium, mirror maze.

Equestrian Theater Kirillovka between the famous vacation spots - Aqua Dolphinarium . Equestrian Circus appeared in village Kyrylivka recently. Since joining the equestrian circus " Cyril Sich" won the sympathy of holidaymakers. The basis of presentation is an ancient circus art, based on a demonstration of riding and acrobatic tricks with horses. In equestrian circus "Cyril flog" riders dressed as dressed Zaporozhye Cossacks of the 19th century and it adds a special touch performance.

Visit equestrian circus "Cossack fun" and you'll get a lot of pleasant moments of relaxation, for yourself and for your children !

Cossacks invited to participate in the Cossack games and demonstrate the powerful force:

«P'yana Lava» - certainly fun to play like men. Playing the game will be using the bags with a straw to push and fight.

«Who is stronger» - members of the Pistol and shoot a musket at the targets, as well as compete in the waist rope.

«Cossack fun.» In this game, you can compete in the shooting of this crossbow, archery, throwing knives. After the speech, everyone has the opportunity to ride horses. It is worth noting that in the territory of equestrian circus is a cafe where you will be served a delicious Kuleshov, Cossack porridge, dumplings and other treats Ukrainian national cuisine.

Equestrian Circus leave an indelible mark in your memory, and you remember staying in Kyrylivka.

Adult ticket price - 60 UAH, children - 30 UAH.

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