Stone grave - the pearl of Northern Azov

Stone grave - the pearl of Northern Azov


Ilive in a beautiful land called the North Sea of Azov. This Melitopol district . In this region, there is a unique nature reserve of national values of the country under the name of «Stone grave». Outwardly, it resembles a pile of stones, which in appearance resembles a wall.

Stone tomb surrounded by prairie grass mat, which is listed in the Red Book as endangered plants. And also outside the museum dedicated to the reserve are stone images and other historical monuments, built by ancient Scythians and other tribes. Next to this unique nature reserve Milk River flows, which flows into the estuary Milk Sea of Azov . Near the river stretches Breast pine forest. From my house to the Reserve 1.5 km. So I go there quite often.

There are many legends of the origin of this natural monument. But the most common legend that for their sins before God hero Bogur as punishment had to add up all the blocks of stone in one pile, that would be seen the whole valley of the River Dairy. But he cheated. What would run as fast as possible its the hard work he piled stones is not tight, so there were huge gaps. As time went on, the hero has already done most of his work, but the unexpected happened - he tripped and fell into a crevice between the rocks as he may try to get out of the crevices, it is not work and he was killed.

Over the past decade, stone tomb became a place of pilgrimage for many tourists. Come not only Ukrainian tourists but also tourists from around the world. A lot of politicians, businessmen, celebrities have visited this corner of nature. In 2005 came the Dalai Lama, as the stone tomb is not only a symbol of pilgrimage for tourists, but also a spiritual place. Previously, at the time of the ancient tribes, this place was heathen temple. It was common to sacrifice. Sacrificed even people. There are a number of caves. But lately height stone tomb diminished. As the stones began to settle. Earlier in the cave of stone tomb could easily pass as a man, but now they can just sneak by crawling. On the walls of the caves are many signs of ancient rock tribes. At the moment, the height is 13 meters, the length of 300 meters.

Ticket Reserve is not expensive. Peak attendance account for the May holidays and summer. The view from the top is magnificent stone graves. And if you find yourself in these parts is sure to visit this wonderful natural site, and you will not regret your visit.

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