Kitesurfing and Windsurfing - Kyrylivka

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing - Kyrylivka

03 31 2014

Priezzhaya on a wonderful vacation in Kyrylivka, many vacationers first time watching the windsurfers and kitesurfers riding from early dawn till late sunset -surfing Utlyukskogo estuary. This famous movement of extreme water sports arose relatively recently in 1998, when the first kitesurfers and windsurfers fans decided to test their strength in the vast estuary Utlyukskogo. However, despite the incredible beauty of this sport, take a chance and personally "get on board "or" controlled kite" dare not many. Nevertheless, those brave, who has ever experienced what kitesurfers and windsurfers, mostly always remain loyal fans of this wonderful sport.

Distinguish two types of water skiing with physics sports: gliding and maneuvering. Planing - a kind of skating in which the board rests on the surface of the water by the force of the rolling waves. If there is no revival of the water flow, the athlete will not be able to skate. Tacking - another kind of ski sailing boards, at which the board rests on the surface due to the buoyancy of water. Another pushing force there is a wind windsurfing. Athlete trying to "catch" the wind sail and if it turned out to do, then the board will move forward. Sail also serves for driving the board. He (Sail) is fixed to the board with a hinge that allows you to send it around its own axis and tilt in any direction.

Windsurfing School and kaytserfenga invites you to learn to ride and relax . For those who know how to skate rental. Training is conducted in Utlyukskom estuary. Skiing possible and sea.

Those who expected to start teaching windsurfing:

Average rate of your training includes a somewhat larger number of classes : a total of about 5-7 hours. During this time, you can learn quickly and start to execute more severe reversals on the board. Tuition will be about 100 to 200 dollars. Full training will cost from 200 to 500 dollars.

Unforgettable experience waiting for you after the first attempt to stand under sail. Experienced instructors will teach you to quickly master this skill.

Little time, and you can learn to surf on the water expanses Utlyukskogo estuary. Take the first step towards your dream.

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