Dolphinarium "Oscar" - Kyrylivka

Dolphinarium "Oscar" - Kyrylivka


Delfinary "Oscar" located in Kyrylivka and belongs to the water park complex "Treasure Island", located on the coast of the Sea of Azov to the current day is considered the biggest in Ukraine. Performances marine artists can immediately see 870 spectators. for technical specifications and dimensions it has no equal in Ukraine: the pool - 36 meters long and 18 meters wide. Dolphinarium built on the best projects of foreign analogues. spectator conveniently located in the shade.

Among residents - five Black Sea dolphins and three fur seals. In the future we plan to increase the number of marine animals, and therefore, the program performance will be even more diverse and interesting!

Visiting dolphinarium "Oscar" will certainly be a real treat for the whole family.

Dolphinarium "Oscar" there is a second pool for dolphin therapy that takes people with problems of the musculoskeletal system. Specially designed program dolphin therapy can effectively address a wide range of issues, to restore internal harmony, improve quality of life.

All guests dolphinarium "Oscar" is given a unique opportunity to take a picture after speaking with dolphins on your camera, or use the services of a professional photographer to take a minute and picture memory.

Pictures with the dolphins leave in your memory unforgettable positive emotions.

And for those who have dreamed of since childhood swim with dolphins - it can be done with an instructor. Swimming with dolphins and communication is carried out in the pool. Friends at this point you can shoot video and take pictures on the memory.

Gift memorable and beautiful gift to yourself and your loved ones!

Prices in the dolphinarium for 2018 year.

Prices for presentation:

Children under 3 years old (height up to 100 cm) admission is free

Adult - 150 UAH.

Child - 90 UAH. VIP seats - 180 UAH (first three rows of the central sector)

Prices for swimming with a dolphin

5 minutes - 600 UAH.

10 minutes - 1000 UAH.

Prices on the photo

On your camera - 100 UAH. for three frames.

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