What to take to the sea

What to take to the sea


The long-awaited vacation at sea ! What can be better ? To stay successful, it is necessary to prepare it carefully, make a list of things that may be required on the sea, away from home.

The biggest mistake made by many is that you take a lot of unnecessary things in the sea. Focus on the place you want to go. If you're going to go to a small resort town with not much infrastructure, then take things to emerge - it makes no sense.

First think about what you need from beachwear. For a beach holiday you will need to have a minimum wardrobe. Most often many kinds of dresses, and remains in suitcases. But things take a minimum cost.

Make sure to take a set of beachwear. It is best to take 3 leotard, 1 indoor and 2 outdoor, crocs and shales, terry towel, beach mat. If you did not bring, crocs and shales, beach towel, hat, all you can buy in a store . But be prepared for the fact that you have to pay twice.

For going to a restaurant or disco, you will need a set of decent clothes .

Do not forget to take the necessary documents, you will need a passport .

In the list of necessary items, take drugs, antiseptics, cotton, bandage, plaster, tools for coping with indigestion - smectite, activated carbon may require ointment for burns. If you are taking any medications, do not forget to take them with you to have enough for the whole holiday.

Of relevant and useful items take gel or sunblock with a high protection factor.

If you are going for a vacation in May or September, you need to take warm things during this time cool.

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