Aquarium Kyrylivka

Aquarium Kyrylivka


Кyrylivka actively developing and expanding its sphere of entertainment. Now travelers can go to the Aquarium - the largest on the Azov coast. Aquarium Kyrylivka is in the center, near the mirror maze and an amusement park. Aquarium covers an area of about 500 square meters. which are more than 60 various aquariums. Tanks placed in the walls and on the floor, walking on the bridge and see how the fish swim. Aquarium residents - exotic fish from around the world.

Main highlight of the extensive exposure that the aquarium contains only the most unusual and rare species of fish, stingrays, moray eels, poisonous lionfish, fish nemo, piranhas, turtles, Amazonian catfish, alligator Witek, reef shark. Presented Attraction "our" deep (the Sea of Azov and the Black), and more.

You and your children will have fun in this fabulous corner and touch the sea underwater world of our universe .

Child ticket price - 20 UAH. adults - 40 UAH.

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