Waterpark in Kyrylivka "Treasure Island"

Waterpark in Kyrylivka "Treasure Island"


Akvapark "Treasure Island"in Kyrylivka built in 2010 but, despite his young age, managed to acquire an unprecedented success and popularity with holidaymakers and tourists. A water park in the resort center Kyrylivka. This is the largest water park in Ukraine. Its area is 60,000 square meters. Complex affects not only its grandeur, but also many different attractions. We can strongly say that even the most seduced visitors will find here a pleasant pastime. In the water park attraction 34 - 18 children and 16 adults. Adventures in the Water Maze Water Park "Treasure Island" guarantee a decent shot of adrenaline release and happiness hormone.

In zone for "relaxing holiday" people can poblazhenstvovat the warm sunshine. Can just swim and sunbathe.

Deciding to visit Waterpark "Treasure Island", you can actually get all the fun and arrange yourself and your children a memorable holiday.

Attraction called "lazy river", which float on or just watch for its peaceful course in the cool shades, equally nice and cute. Through its calm waters to the central pool are 6 bridges. There are a few attractions of this type: coaster - mazes and more.

Extreme Zone waterpark "Treasure Island" is designed for fans of adrenaline. It is located here and the worst high hills - "Flying Boat", "space hole", "Boomerang", "tsunami", "multislad" - on its four tracks can arrange a competition or race on mats .

Course, better to try these rides on myself personally, to eventually leave no regrets.

In a separate children's recreation area for kids in for a surprise - a real fairytale six meter pirate ship masts which rise to a height of 16 meters. And, of course, lots of water slides - "rabbit", "elephant", "turtle", "six-legged octopus", "snake". Parents can absolutely safely leave their children. Children's animation will take the kids and give parents the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Your children will be supervised by an animator, and they will not have time to get bored.

Waterpark delight all gourmets and fans a tasty meal. Here you can visit the cafe 7. Cafe "Asia" - is a great choice for those who can not imagine lunch without hot and spicy food. Café "Welcome" presents a diverse range of soft drinks. Bistro "Wheel" can try fish soup, Ukrainian borscht, a hodgepodge, a variety of side dishes and wonderful pastries. Café "Africa" chefs will prepare delicious dessert that will appeal to all small sweet tooth.

Prices for the year 2018

PeriodTime spentTicket price
Adult ticketChild ticket
10: 00-19: 009 hours550 UAH.530 UAH.
12: 00-19: 007 hours530 UAH.510 UAH.
14: 00-19: 005 hours510 UAH.490 UAH.
15: 30-19: 003.5 hours490 UAH.470 UAH.
16: 30-19: 002.5 hours480 UAH.460 UAH.

Masha 19-05-2018 20:25:47

Awesome! So many different slides of all sizes and shapes. The only problem is choosing which slide to go on :)

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