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Recreation "Armati"

Recreation "Armati" , is located on the coast of the Azov Sea (to the line of the sea 300 meters), town Kyrylivka, Fedotov Spit near Stepok.S one side of the village are the Azov sea, and with the other Utlyugskim estuary. The sea is clean, in a recreation calm and quiet. Accommodation is offered in comfortable rooms "luxury" and "Junior".


There is a kitchen for self-catering: microwave, oven, tables, kettles, chairs, dishes, hot and cold water. Near the kitchen is a large veranda with a TV, desk and stulyami.Na recreation is on sale water, purified water, soft drinks, ice cream. In addition, you can use a self-service dining room, which is located on a nearby base.

Rooms "luxury":

• Consists of a room (bedroom), bathroom, hall and kitchen.
• Kitchen: refrigerator, microwave kitchen (cold / hot water, kitchen utensils), couch, table and chairs, sofa.
• Bedroom with two double beds, mattresses, bed linen, wardrobe, bedside tables, mirror, television.
• Corridor: clothes hanger.
• Bathroom: toilet, shower (cold water / hot around the clock, with technical wells).
• On the ground floor there is a porch on the second-balcony (out of the kitchen)
• Video Broadcasting-Satellite.
• The total area of 37-40 square meters room

At the base:

• playground
• volleyball
• a place to relax, lean
• a place for cooking kebabs, barbecue
• toilet in the shower
• kitchen

Be sure to say that you call from

Fedotov Spit 205
+38 (067) 915-56-56

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Светлана 02-09-2013 17:10:15

Не понравилось. Ужас просто! На сайте оставлять отзыв смысла нет - все отрицательные отзывы удаляют. Вода воняет из крана тухлыми яйцами. На базе полно отравлений. Запасайтесь таблетками, если выбрали для отдыха эту базу. Там наверное давненько проверок не было. Елена, та которая администратор, не воспитана и хамовита ( хотя первое впечатление о ней было иное, но это только первое впечатление). Не советую! Деньги выброшены на ветер. Хорошо подумайте прежде чем ехать туда "ОТДЫХАТЬ".

Александр 13-07-2013 06:08:33

ОТЛИЧНАЯ БАЗА! Администрация и обслуживающий персонал базы просто

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