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Рейтинг: 2.2/5 (6 голосов)

Hotel "Antaeus"

Hotel "Antey" - a modern hotel complex, situated on the spit Siltings resort Kyrylivka . The uniqueness of staying in a hotel due to its location. "Antaeus" is located on the spit Siltings: on the one hand, this spit the Azov Sea, on the other - Dairy estuary.

Hotel "Antaeus" is waiting for you in the late spring and early autumn, once the water Azov Sea warm enough in order to be able to take water treatments. At the hotel, through responsive to each client, you will be able to fully relax and enjoy a swim in the Sea of Azov, rejuvenate, sunbathing, breathing miracle medical air sea coast.

Leisure Hotel "Antaeus" offers ample choice of double, triple, quadruple and quintuple rooms luxury. All suites have round the clock hot water, drinking water, shower, toilet, "split" system, satellite TV, fridge, electric kettle. The rooms recently renovated, installed plastic windows and a balcony with wonderful views of the sea.

Be sure to say that you call from

Kos Siltings
+38 (067) 992 84 37

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Price, UAH per room (price may differ from the numbers listed on the site)


    • before 15.06
      500 UAN
    • before 01.09
      600 UAN
    • before 30.09
      550 UAN


    • before 15.06
      650 UAN
    • before 01.09
      750 UAN
    • before 30.09
      600 UAN


    • before 15.06
      850 UAN
    • before 01.09
      900 UAN
    • before 30.09
      850 UAN