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Children's Camp "Stork"

Children's camp «Stork» invites children to spend an unforgettable summer vacation on the shore of the Sea of Azov in Kirillovka . "Stork" - it is always active, sun, sport, dancing, disco and pleasant communication. We have a very rich and interesting program for children. The child will not be bored, and individual programs make it possible to do all the child what he likes.

Accommodation: Three-storey contemporary capital dormitories for 100 seats each have 4 or 5 and the local, equipped with all necessary rooms. On each floor separately for girls and boys are toilets, toilets with wash basins and shower trays for washing feet. There is also a shower with hot water round the clock.

Meals: in the camp "Stork" organized 5-course meal in the comfortable dining room. All dishes are prepared exclusively in the treated water and only the freshest ingredients. In the diet there is always fruit, vegetables, dairy products, beef and chicken. All products that fall on the table, the children are selected, then thoroughly tested. Each child is given daily mineral water and juice. Also, in each case there are tanks of drinking purified water.

Medicine: the camp has a medical center, which is staffed by qualified medical personnel in accordance with the staffing and modern requirements. The infirmary has an insulator with 12 beds (2 in each room), doctor's office, handling, treatment room, two bathrooms, shower room. For physicians on duty car fixed.

Services and infrastructure: a summer cinema, a dance pavilion, dining room, children's cafe, covered gazebo, a library, a volleyball and basketball courts. There is a field for mini football, rugby, own equipped sandy beach, medical center, games room with table tennis.

Beach children's camp is located on the first line and is equipped with its own sandy beach, which is cleaned daily. The beach is equipped with sunshades, changing rooms, toilets, showers and rescue tower. Water area "Stork" children's camp is fenced buoys on the beach all day lifeguard.

Activities: organized trips to the water park Dolphinarium "Oscar" and "Treasure Island." Children are always under the supervision of tutors, counselors, doctors and rescuers. Joint entertaining children's camp program will not leave anyone indifferent.

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A..........y 01-07-2018 18:21:48

Отзывы самые плохие что могут быть.Территория убитая,фото не соответствуют,нет ни площадок.ни пляжа,зато магазин с пивом и спиртным .людей очень мало,детей ещё меньше, и те о ДОЛ Аист ни когда не слышали и чтобы дети отдыхали отрядами не видели. очень много заброшенных и разбитых зданий и площядок, обрушившийся берег с поломанными плитами .ОБМАН.!!!!!

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