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Kirillovka base recreation
  • Rest in Kirillovka
  • Recreation centers of the spit Peresyp
  • Recreation centers of Kosoda Fedotova
  • Kirillovka base recreation



  • Kirillovka - here the taste of life is manifested in everything!

    Regardless of whether the window is blossoming spring or hot summer, Kirillovka is ready to receive guests at any time of the year. Among the growth factors of the popularity of the Ukrainian resort, in addition to guaranteed good weather, the rapid development of the civilized tourist market is singled out. A large choice of recreation centers makes recreation near the Azov Sea accessible to all categories of the population of the country.

  • Kirillovka Fedotova spit

    Regularly long sandy strip of land, which goes far into the sea, beats its own records of attendance. The popular center of beach tourism was the inland stream of Kirillovka made the warm sea, big, clean beaches and cozy hotels for every taste and purse. Holidaymakers who plan to visit Fedotov Kosu for the first time, to book a recreation center or a guest house is better still in the spring, because by the summer the most interesting offers are often parsed.

    Almost everyone heard that Kirillovka Fedotov's spit is a unique place with extremely mild climatic conditions. And at the very beginning of the spit is Europe's largest water park. And not only him. Dolphinarium, equestrian circus, amusement park, night clubs, restaurants - in Kirillovka there are a lot of places where you can have a great rest.

  • Kirillovka - Kosa Peresyp

    For Ukrainians, the tradition of resting on the sea every summer is so natural that it is difficult to imagine the absence of tourists on the Azov Sea. Even if you are a budget traveler and you are interested in an inexpensive vacation at sea, then Spit in in Kirillovka - the place is the most that neither is Suitable, where the guests of the village will be offered a large selection of cozy economy-class rooms.

    And for those who are interested in luxury accommodation at the very shore of the sea with all amenities, Kirillovka hospitably opens the doors of numerous hotels, boarding houses and holiday homes. Rest in Kirillovka on Kos Spout is an amazing example of how to relax in harmony with nature, but not give up on the benefits of civilization.

  • Rest in love with Kirillovka come from all over Ukraine

    You can try to guess how much to arrange a romantic vacation, but you can trust a popular information and tourist site with an impeccable reputation. On such an online portal it is easy and safe to book in Kirillovka the best room for a newly-married couple or a cozy house for lovers.

    The center of Kirillovka is ideal for those who want to stay together, but do not get bored in the quiet, and relax brightly and positively. Private sector of Kirillovka - far from the concept of "all inclusive", but the hospitality with which the villagers meet Each tourist, will appreciate those couples who are used to the comfort of a really high level.

  • However, in Kirillovka to rest well and in love, and to large companies and families with children - the resort on the shore of the Azov Sea inspires and fully justifies the expectations of tired people craving absolute relaxation. Here, as in no other place every day is full of pleasures and surprises: in the morning - breakfast at the seashore, in the afternoon a boat ride on a boat, in the evening - a cinema show in the open air. In Kirillovka, all feelings are naked and heated in the southern sun, like bodies on the beach.

    Ideal for travel for ten days - Kirillovka

    The route of connoisseurs of the docile sea, fresh sea delicacies, unobtrusive service - Peresyp and Fedotova Kosa in Kirillovka. Recreation bases of the village were appreciated by many of our compatriots. Housing here can be easily found by everyone.

    Without superfluous words: The braids of Kirillovka are the right landmark for mind-blowing, serene vacations.