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Kyrylivka recreation
Kirillovka private sector recreation centers

"Guest House" private sector Ul.Zelenaya 22a

Kyrylivka Dvor private sector Ul.Zelenaya 22 A

We invite you to spend your vacation in an inexpensive Kyrylivka on the shore of the Sea of Azov to the coziness and comfort.

Located in the heart Kyrylivka , a 10-15 minute walk from the coast of the Azov morya.Glavnoe advantage of a holiday, its location away from busy places nightclubs. If you want entertainment, you can in a few minutes walk to the night clubs, bars and cafes. The cozy backyard, you and your children will not feel the heat of summer. You are provided with separate tables in the open air, where you can rest comfortably. It offers a choice of rooms, economy class and a junior suite. There is a communal kitchen with a refrigerator. Free parking. There is Wi-Fi coverage is available.


The room has an ottoman, coffee table, air TV, conditioning, refrigerator, two double bed, divan.Udobstva and kitchen are in the room, hot water always.

Junior Suite

The room has an ottoman, coffee table, a fan, and some rooms have air conditioning, fridge, two double beds. Facilities are in the room, hot water always.

Economy room

In the room with chairs, table, ottoman, some rooms have air conditioning, Facilities located outside shower with hot water.

A communal kitchen with a refrigerator. Free parking, a cozy courtyard you can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax under the shady trees after a hot day. You can use the Internet, there is Wi-Fi.


Kyrylivka Street. 22 A. Green
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  • WiFi
  • Tv and sattelite
  • Access for disabled
  • No smooking
  • Pets allowed
  • Parking
  • Playground
Price, UAH for 1 place (the price of the room may differ from the indicated on the site)


    • before 25.06
      120 UAN
    • before 01.09
      150 UAN
    • before 30.09
      200 UAN


    • before 25.06
      150 UAN
    • before 01.09
      200 UAN
    • before 30.09
      150 UAN


    • before 25.06
      50-120 UAN
    • before 01.09
      70-120 UAN
    • before 30.09
      50-120 UAN
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  Оксана    18-08-2013 17:43:11
Отличное тихое место для отдыха семьей,уже 4-й год подряд приезжаем сюда,и в следующим году снова поедим!!! двор ухоженный,есть как летний ,так и горячий душ,есть wifi,так как приезжаем каждый год то бывает встречаем отдыхающих с которыми жили по соседству в прошлом или позапрошлом году...и это радует!!! Вообщем приезжайте не пожалеете! отдельное спасибо Светлане!!!

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