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Kyrylivka recreation

Kyrylivka - prices for recreation

Kyrylivka - prices for recreation

Populyarny resort in the Zaporozhye region, Kyrylivka, located on the shores of the Azov and includes several neighborhoods. The resort offers high quality holiday with a variety of financial opportunities. On the territory of Kyrylivka are comfortable recreation, motels, cozy guest houses. The cost of holidays by the sea will depend on the distance from the sea, from the neighborhood, from the level of the institution. Price per day of stay (without food) can range from 60 to 400 hryvnia, and more accurate information will help plan your vacation for next season.

Factors that affect the value of recreation in Kirillovka

Distance to the sea, the presence of an own beach at the resort. The difference in living on the first line and on the second, more remote, can consist of even 40%. In boarding houses, recreation centers on the second line there are no own beaches, this is a significant disadvantage. Saving money on paying for rooms will be combined with the need to find a place to relax.

Time of rest. The highest price of accommodation at the recreation center, in the boarding house of Kirillovka - from the end of June to the end of August. If the weather conditions are favorable, you can relax at economical expenses in May or September.

Room comfort. A spacious room is more expensive than a small room, especially if it has a kitchen area. The difference can be 30%. Room with a kitchen is more often chosen by families who came to Kirillovka with their children. Many recreation centers, boarding houses offer instead of a kitchen area in the room - catering in a cafe or dining room. The price of the room may depend on the availability of air conditioning, TV, other home appliances. And on the availability of amenities. Unfortunately, not all rooms have a shower and toilet, even if they are presented as a "junior suite."

Areas of the resort area Kyrylivka

The resort area Kyrylivka includes several areas. They also differ in the average cost of holiday.

The center of the village and Kyrylivka Stepok - these are areas with medium and low prices for accommodation. The private sector center offers a variety of accommodation and therefore different prices.

The residence features in the private sector

The private sector - green area, which is much more comfortable to move the midday heat. It is very important for family vacation, children can play in the shade of vines without fear of overheating in the sun. In the area of private vacation homes will be more intimate and cozy, unlike Fedotova Spit, which is only planted with trees.

The cost of food at the resort Kyrylivka

Many of the recreation , resorts, motels offer a set menu in their cafe. The average food cost per day from 150 to 250 hryvnia. But you can eat in the more expensive restaurants or cafes, or, conversely, in establishments with more affordable prices. Room with kitchen area will solve the issue with the economical power.

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