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Kyrylivka recreation

06 14 2013 0 Kommentaryev

Pelengas - fish of kefalevyh . Pelengas lived in the Sea of Japan and the surrounding seas. In the 60-70s of last century the population of the Black Sea mullets went sharply down. It was decided to acclimatize to the Black Sea and Sea of Azov Far Eastern mullet, more commonly known as pelengas, the experiment was a success. Especially good pelengas caught on Azov, pelengas reaches meter long and weigh up to 10 pounds. Body covered with large scales elongated, torpedo shaped and three very sharp dorsal spines.

05 26 2012 0 Kommentaryev

Island Biruchiy - field laboratory of the sea, as they call this picturesque and the largest island of the Sea of Azov.

07 10 2012 0 Kommentaryev

During the summer, one can not do without a bathing suit. Currently, there is a huge range of different models of swimsuits. However, there are some guidelines for choosing the best model according to the features of a figure, as each girl strives to look like, that were highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages of all razed.

10 09 2012 0 Kommentaryev

Choosing clothes for a beach holiday uplifting even in winter. The correct choice of clothing keep you comfortable during the stay, as well as attract the admiration of tourists. Things that you wore to the beach will bring good and long memories .

07 03 2014 0 Kommentaryev

Going on holiday, we expect to spend the maximum time on the beach or in the water. But that's just seeing the sea, we will immediately forget about how the sun affects our skin. And, as a rule, is combusted in the first day. That would not spoil your holiday and do not spend it in the fight with burns do not forget to protect your skin. But you have to know a few tricks for choosing sunscreen.

10 09 2012 0 Kommentaryev

Wwarmer it gets, the more I want to bask in the sun in the most beautiful and straighter, after tanning gives the appeal, hides skin imperfections, makes you visually slimmer, attracts the attention of others.

09 11 2012 0 Kommentaryev

How many times have we heard about the healing properties of sea water and sea air! Now there is even a special medical term thalassotherapy, that is "treating the sea." Breathing in the fresh sea air, we literally absorb a whole alphabet of useful minerals. And taking a sea bath, we contribute to the formation on the surface of our skin negatively charged ions that remove fatigue, tone the skin and muscles and relieve pain.

01 17 2016 0 Kommentaryev

For a good and relaxing holiday should be competently and correctly plan and choose the right resort for yourself. In summer, more and more travelers have desired to go to the sea. In warmer months, it's a good escape from everyday worries and the hustle and bustle, to wake up and positive emotions. Relax on the beach - is to hold its output, so that would be fun and comfortable, go outside and watch the beautiful scenery. Leaving the sea, it is necessary to leave the negative emotions, vanity and bad mood within the city. Azov sea resorts of their different, but human craving just relax, it will not make any difference. Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye for a long time with the routine and enjoy life. Yet ever and should take a good rest.

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