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Kyrylivka recreation

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Answers to questions about staying in Kyrylivka

Do You dear vacationers occur one and same questions over the holiday, so we invite you to see our "question and answer"

Information about Kyrylivka

Information that will not get lost in a difficult situation and quickly resolve issues at play. Phones and institutions necessary items at the resort.

Kyrylivka Code - 06131

Phone number and address

Kirillov village council. Tel. 6-91-31
Police. Tel. 6-94-25
Border outpost. Tel. 6-94-05
Firehouse. Tel. 6-91-50
Ambulance. Tel. 6-91-32
medical clinic. Tel. 6-91-32
Infirmary. Tel. 6-92-85
Pharmacy. Tel. 6-93-36
Bus Station. Tel. 6 99 11
Mail. Tel. 6-91-35
Sberbank. Tel. 6-94-59
Ukrtelecom. Tel. 6-96-09

Can I withdraw money from Kyrylivka card Mastercard / Visa?

You can, at the ATM Privat limited issuance of money on Visa cards of other banks (200 hryvnia per transaction). With Mastercard no such problems.

Are there ATM "so and so" the bank?

There are only 3 ATM: Oschadbank (center PGT) Privat (center PGT) and Private (early Spit Siltings).

Where better to change rubles (or other currency) for the hryvnia?

In any major city. For example, in Zaporozhye, Melitopol. On the spot, too, can vary, but the course is not in your favor.

Are Paid beaches?

Sunbeds at the beach! - Paid (15 gr. Day)

How far is it to the beach with such a street?

See street map. Kyrylivka Maps

As with entertainment and excursions?

Excursions by and large only on the island Biruchiy, Askaniya Nova. From entertainment waterpark, aquarium, dolphinarium, equestrian theater "Cyril flog" safari park (for children), windsurfing school. For young people there are discos and several nightclubs.

How much is a taxi from Melitopol?

200-400 hryvnia.

How much is a taxi from the bus station to recreation?

On average, 80 hryvnia. If recreation Styopka be on (eg, "safe haven"), the more expensive.

Where can I stay out of season?

Operates year-round hotel "Cleopatra", Transit (turn on Fedotov Spit).


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